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  1. kylepiggy

    Capri front brakes upgrade.

    caprisport do a very good kit for under £300 i think
  2. kylepiggy

    what's it worth lol

    chuck it on ebay see what u get best place to put it people will see it all over the country
  3. nice car not to sure bout the wheels but each to there own
  4. kylepiggy

    hi mk2 capri owner

    welcome got to love the capris
  5. kylepiggy


    welcome to the forum
  6. hopfully should be along for this meet with the v8 capri
  7. kylepiggy

    west sussex ford meet 2nd may

    u lucky git not only great country drive on the proper side and the most important its like a classic ford museum with all the retro cars. if u have not allready you must go and look at the malta classic car museum in qwara near st pauls bay some nice cars in there
  8. am going to be a bit late but thought i might come along and show u guys my v8 capri