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  1. I too have Teal Corsair,White Escort and a chopped Green Zephyr.(damn my childhood modification buzz)
  2. Went to Clyde for a swank-session. Great little town for soft photoshoots. Shame my camera sucks though. Just getting all the pictures i want before its sold, $6000 NZD drive away.
  3. I spotted you guys here in Alexandra when you were headed through to Naseby car show, I was in the Green Mk1 Cortina Estate..Any more pictures of the metallic blue one, man it looked SHARP!
  4. I win! Ive also got, but not on this computer, pictures of a Mk2 1600 Sport in the same state, part of the rear quarter wiht the sticker is all that is recognisable!
  5. I Pulled apart my Escort diff from under the Mk1, and pulled an axle from the Cortina last nite, pslines are the same and the ratios much better in the Escort, so when I get half a chance, ill swap diff heads and see if I can get some speed and reliability out of the thing. Also out my Bikkies on for a change, looks hard as!
  6. That how we do it down here in the Colonies! Hes a bloody top steerer.
  7. Thanks mate, coming from you thats well appreciated! Im probably going to run a Hilux LSD, Falcon diffs still command big money over here, and would be heavy as shit! Im weighing up my options at the moment, So then I can decide on wheel offsets and sizes, brakes, tubs, 6 link, coilover bags etc. I need $$$$!
  8. Thanks mate, rat is were its at! I just bought some Fibreglass front guards for the Escort. Stoked!
  9. Wicked! How are your under-floor chassis outriggers? Mine were very average..
  10. Just some pictures of the work undertaken since the last photo-less updates. And while the camera was actually working,
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