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  1. hehe that did make me smile
  2. yep the out-laws, nightmare my mother in-law is a sh*t stirer and goes back and tells the rest of the family if you say something about them if she is in bad form with one person the whole family know's about it she takes it out on everybody
  3. got my mag today as well and when i seen the car i had a feeling that it was your's looks really well fella
  4. GOOD MAN CJAY2004 THANK YOU SOON MUCH i have been going mad the last couple of weeks all day every day on ebay and phoning about and guess what i found one yesterday from www.retrofordinternational.co.uk so we will have to see what sort of shape it is
  5. hi johnny yeah we were going to do that but it is just easier to fit the panel if we can get one, my husband does bodywork and he started griding bits at it at the weekend and he got feed up and said see if you can get a inner wing so the search starts lol
  6. ok another wee update i will get more pictures at the weekend the front end is totally stripped wings and front panel are off, so now the grinding and welding has started god i love power tools lol
  7. good man it is coming on nicely the blood sweat and tears will be worth it i am doing same with mine but i don't think we are moulding the arches into the body keep us updated
  8. as above i am finding it very hard to get a inner wing/guard for the driver's side for my fiesta. mine is rotten were the battery sit's and we need to replace it but the driver's side has been discontinued any help would be great thanks very much leanne
  9. ok a tiny wee update the xr2 is in the garage and i took a couple of pictures i think i might go out for a couple of hours this evening and start to strip bits and pieces of it
  10. awh fella i am only seeing this now happy birthday and many happy returns
  11. happy born day fella i hope you had a good day
  12. awh lovely congratulations
  13. Fook me you need to get a tv FPMSL sold the tv to buy a video lol 3 in london by 2 different women and 6 in norfolk by the wife oldest is a girl she`s now 27 then another girl 20 and then a boy 19 the ones in norfolk are boy 23 girl 21 boy 20 boy 18 boy 16 and boy 13 holy god busy boy any grand kids yet because you oldest is a year younger than me
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