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  1. hi All, right sorry for being so bad at getting on here of late way too much going on with work etc. Yes I've still go the doors Ronnie Yep has correct V5, its an E reg from memory Pics of the spit here and the 100E
  2. ah yea makes sense, was a pretty standard feature years ago wasn't it!
  3. nice motors, what happened to the sill on the mex I had an identical dent on one of my old ones!
  4. Pics of the bonnet, its been in storage for years and does have bonnet pin plates. the rust on the underside is all surface its a solid straight panel.
  5. did you get one sorted? I think ive got a std one somewhere may be a little battered on the underside. I can have a look if your interested at the weekend.
  6. mk4 pop .photobucket.com/user/john_1977uk/media/thumbnail12.jpg.html][/URL]
  7. Having a bit of a clear out and there will be more to come…..can all be collected from either Bexhill on Sea TN39, Cheltenham GL53 or NP12 area south Wales. I'll try and get some pictures up in the next day or so. I don't get on here much these days so prefer a PM but ill check this thread as often as I can. Mk4 1300 popular shell in white, stripped but rolling with dash and some wiring. Need inner sills and a few little bits but is very straight and solid. I cant see anywhere where it has been welded repaired in the past. Doors and boot included but no bonnet or front screen, woul
  8. great work there mate, we've all been there - just have to plough on one job at a time. always nice to get to the point where everything is nice and clean and straight with lots of nice new shiny bits lol
  9. check out http://www.bigturbo.co.uk/ there are some wiring diagrams on there for the L1
  10. Unlike a mk2 rs2000 then [emoji1] Sent from my SM-G357FZ using Tapatalk
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