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  1. Hi folks Ive got a few sets of s84fm 1.6d fiesta conrods spare they are used when building a 2.2 pinto very rare to find and don't come up for sale very often £185 posted a set of 4 Sent from my SM-G973F using Tapatalk
  2. hi folks after a set of rod bearings for my 2.2 pinto build can anyone help please the part number is ae b4635 std does anyone have a space set or know of any then please message me also might have few spare sets of the required 1.6 diesel rods available if anyone is after a set thanks adam
  3. as tittle anyone got a drivers door of a mk2 2 door escort knocking about please help I needs it
  4. might be hopeing hear but after a drivers door of a mk2 escort 2 door was going to repair my oldone but its been well bodged up be easier start with abetter door if anyone can help please do ow and the closer to Stoke-on-Trent the better thanks folks
  5. After a nice set of rs clocks anyone got a set
  6. As title I'm after a pair of mk2 mex roll tops any condition considered if ya can help please do thanks
  7. im after a pair of roll tops as fitted to the mk2 mexicos any condition considered if you can help please let me know thanks
  8. Another injection head I've got sat under me bench not getting used it's totally standard and unmolested in good condition collected £150 Will upload pics later thanks
  9. Pinto 2.0 Injection head in good usable condition see pics fitted with a kent fr22 cam £175 collected thanks
  10. Been sat on my tool box not being used long enough so time to go , it's a miller elite fully adjustable mask and was a American chopper limited edition , it's got some wear and melt marks as can be expected but still overall in great condition comes in a nice miller bag and I've got 6 spare lenses these cost £50 and the mask cost me £300 the basic miller elite is £250 new so I'd like £120 posted Ono for the lot will post pics later
  11. Hi bud do you have any and how much posted I'm after either one or a pair of rs halfshafts , or normal half shafts if there the same was under the impression they were better but you might know otherwise thanks adam
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