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  1. JP.

    OSF flag at Spa

    OSF Dutch crew arrived at Spa Classic
  2. I foresee not many problems getting this mk1 on German registration If the UK paperwork is correct.
  3. I am doing the Retroject conversion at the moment. Ford Capri mk1 facelift 2600 V6 (not RS) You have two options, fuel only or fuel & ignition. I do them both and my crank pulley is at the machine shop getting converted to recieve a 36-1 trigger wheel.
  4. Id say, flathead V8. Its a decent engine with good power and looks. Put a Holley sniper EFI kit on that intake and you've smooth modern cruiser.
  5. Scott, that was in JPEG format and they couldn't work with that unless its big in size
  6. Can someone suply me the OSF logo Not in JPEG format but the format developers use. We call it Raster format in Holland not sure how its called in the UK. I am trying to get a flag made in Holland but they couldn't work with teh small JPEG file I deliverd. I want a black flag with the OSF logo in white msg-6294-0-56356700-1497238040_thumb.jpg.url
  7. JP.

    Just plain wrong!

    Is that Smokey's Merc ??
  8. Take in account, DAB+ is the only radio source within a just few years as FM is phasing out in Europe allready. Retro radios are a waste of money if they come without the DAB+. There are allready DAB+ transmitters with the bleutooth and USB features you can stick in your siggy lighter socket that transmits a signal you can recieve on your old skool radio. Must say the one I have is still humming as I still tracing the noise interference caused by my old skool genuine Ford Capri electronics..
  9. Hmmm thats why we only drive OSF... No lezzy window thing, just pull the wrist en turn... allways work even with a flat battery... the most modern we have... a '83 fezzy mk2.... the one after that a....... '83 fezzy mk1.. all the others (Capri's ) way older
  10. Assuming youre running the 1V carb. When you dismantled the carb there was a steel ball and a rod on top of it. Its sits inside one of the channels when you open the top cover. Normaly when you turn over the carb without the topcover they fall out jumping everywhere leaving you with a suprice....
  11. Had a good days out. Went in on wednesday traveling from Dover - along the southcoast, Hastings, Brighton to Southampton to collect GT40 parts ending at Kings Sutton near Banbury on a campsite that this year apeared to be an ant farm.... Did about 500miles that day so we crashed after a few Scotch. Thursday when we discovered the ant issue we moved the tent to another ( and only !! ) spot on the campsite with less ants and manged to have a few days to enjoy. Saturday of to Santapod where they tried to rip me off at 11am at the gate. 1 hour to early, thats 70 quit sir, I turned around and waited an hour ending up just to pay 20 quit for camping. Saturday was quit and sunday we had a good show. It apeared everybody was leaving early and even the traders started packing their stuf at 3pm. At 4pm most of the entrands where gone and at 5pm the showground was as good as empty so we left also, back to the ant farm where we already had paid for. Will look for another campsite next time... Monday we left at 0830 to vissit Rally Design to get some parts and a company called GTForte that apeared to be disapeared as both adresses we had where no good. By luck we didn't pay for the ordered parts. We had the ferry back on 15.45pm and arrived home at 20.30. Guess we did about 1100/ 1150 miles total. Will be back in about six weeks for Dragstalgia & Silverstone Classic.
  12. Fibresports is the original manufactorer of the genuine x pack wide body kit. They still list them. Smith & Deaking is bad fitment in my experiance (warped en wrong) In Germany, Peter Wade from WST still makes the extreme Suhe wide body kits.
  13. Got mine today ? Booked the ferry also today.
  14. The spacer with the O- ring reces requires an O-ring on both sides. 1 reces is on the calliper half, 1 reces on the spacer. Plain side of the spacer goes on the reces side of the calliper. So calliper reces with o ring - flat side spacer. This spacer has a reces on the other side with o ring that goes on flat side calliper. Hope you understand
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