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  1. Jiffer


    he sent me this one, but only one so far.
  2. Jiffer


    sadly I'm just one of the people who doesn't do F book. I put the effort and shite load of money into a car that Scott runs but never get to see it, ho hum.
  3. Jiffer


    Just asking if we can get some pictures up of last year's racing.?
  4. Focus st170 bottom end 2.0 black top head Danst inlet manifold Kawasaki zx6-r bike carbs Facet silvertop fuel pump Sytec regulator with inline gauge Nodiz pro management Toyosport st170 stainless exhaust manifold Ashley performance xr2 exhaust system Retro Ford billet flywheel Luk clutch Escort rs turbo s2 gearbox with lsd Land rover v8 gearbox mounts Xr2 upper gearbox mount St150 front engine mount Xr2 short driveshaft Mk2 fiesta 1.1 long shaft Xr2 front brakes Alachi57 fully adjustable rose jointed front suspension Gaz solid topmounts Uprated xr2 shocks -75mm front springs -50mm escort mk3 rear springs Alachi57 Bolt in roll cage Subaru bucket seats on original seat rails Will come with original front seats Supersport alloys Yokohama a539 tyres 175/50r13 Stud conversion 20mm rear spacers Afr gauge All new discs and pads. Shoes and cylinders in rear Custom alternator bracket Suzuki Jimmy alternator Aluminium creations full aluminium mk2 xr2 radiator. Yokohama a539 tyres including a brand new spare Xr2 rear spoiler Battery relocated to boot Quickshift kit Home made badgeless grill Won't come with front splitter Custom quarter bumpers Polybushed rear trailing arms Xr3i rear spats Outlaw motorsport adjustable panhard bar Drivers 6 point harness and passengers 3 point Carbs could do with a proper set up. Tracking always done at home. Passengers Door is starting to bug out. Rear arches will need attention. £4,000 collection from peterborough
  5. Jiffer

    Osfdc 2018

    Hi Jo Not sold them all yet and going to give this one a good thrashing before I hang up my hat. Looked at pod website and Sundays a bit pricey for me. Not sure if we ever do the full team lager thing again as I can't really leave Lid overnight. Not sure about Scotland but know he's been working on it. Hopefully see you soon.
  6. Jiffer

    Osfdc 2018

    sadly some of us don't do f book
  7. Which old ford that you've owned and then got rid of do you miss the most, and still wish you had hidden away? Pics and Vids. For me it was my pre airflow mk1 (Kermit), lack of space dictated it had to go, it was ugly to look at with patches of primer and bits dropped off but with a nicely warmed pinto on 48s and on the rare days when it behaved itself it was awesome and cooler the Robert Palmer in a fridge,
  8. Jiffer

    Bike carbs V 40s

    I do like webers and have ran loads over the years but bike carbs are certainly an option, they are defiantly cheaper and can deliver good power, but for me its the fact of not having to have them set up on a regular basis.
  9. have we got an issue with fiesta's now? my lads got one that runs a 13.4 plus a basket case of a van he working his guts out on.
  10. I've seen them, seeing if there are any second hand possibly a wee bit cheaper. It's for the long roof and got to get it down a bit, at the moment it's higher than Afroman.
  11. I'm looking for a pair of single leaf capri springs, closer to Peterborough the better if anyone can help. cheers
  12. Looking for a drivers side rear quarter glass for mk2 cortina if anyone got one. cheers
  13. Jiffer


    I will when he's in his final resting place
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