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  1. as col said the wheel isn't very central in the arch, I went about it another way by welding a new plate to the axle with new location hole drilled to suit, this was also set up as a wedge to give me approx 5 degrees of diff nose angle
  2. Jiffer

    Osfdc 2018

    Hi Jo Not sold them all yet and going to give this one a good thrashing before I hang up my hat. Looked at pod website and Sundays a bit pricey for me. Not sure if we ever do the full team lager thing again as I can't really leave Lid overnight. Not sure about Scotland but know he's been working on it. Hopefully see you soon.
  3. Jiffer

    Osfdc 2018

    sadly some of us don't do f book
  4. Which old ford that you've owned and then got rid of do you miss the most, and still wish you had hidden away? Pics and Vids. For me it was my pre airflow mk1 (Kermit), lack of space dictated it had to go, it was ugly to look at with patches of primer and bits dropped off but with a nicely warmed pinto on 48s and on the rare days when it behaved itself it was awesome and cooler the Robert Palmer in a fridge,
  5. Jiffer

    Bike carbs V 40s

    I do like webers and have ran loads over the years but bike carbs are certainly an option, they are defiantly cheaper and can deliver good power, but for me its the fact of not having to have them set up on a regular basis.
  6. I never ran this full set up properly at pod and had a lot of problems with the guy mapping it and melted valves, plugs and piston rings, I've rebuilt it and its been mapped by Gordon Darby at street racers and spot on now. I've ran sts for a while now and can get low 14s and 13s on a standard engine on bike carbs and relay to bring the vvt in. Ive also ran pintos which I love but the machining get expensive and NA cossie which went well, I'm fairly bloody minded and wont go turbo or supercharged and not got the funds to do a full screaming NA hence using the ST. I'm looking forward to some real good times next season if I can make it.
  7. this is my mk1 when I sold it, I fitted a blacktop in on bike carbs and kept the st engine. my engine is st 170 with superlite intruder pistons and pec rods, vic reinz 0.6mm head gasket, ported head and newman cams, vvt delete
  8. I fitted mk2 Cortina axle to when I had my mk 1, easy enough to swap hand brake set up, and then you can use the stronger two piece shafts. I also used to fit 2.8 single leafs and fabricate a new mount plate to move the axle back slightly as they sit a wee bit forward on the mk1s. as col said modify the escort ones or alachi57, mounted high up on the diff housing to triangulate and it will reduce a bit of sway. just got my st Cortina back from rolling road making about 220 now so looking forward to a thrash.
  9. STs are a good cheap engine but expensive to get any massive power, they do pull well with mild tune and a set of itbs, I took mine a bit further but still NA as I wont do forced induction. RX8 boxes are cheap and quite easy to fit and will take power, I have just removed my RX8 set up as 1st gear is a bit short for me and racing, but a smooth box with nice shift and worked well with my master cylinder. I've run English axles in my mk1s and mk2s at santa pod without any real problems, but if you do fit an LSD fit stronger shafts, I know from experience a bit to aggressive on launch and goodbye LSD. anyway nice car mate
  10. have we got an issue with fiesta's now? my lads got one that runs a 13.4 plus a basket case of a van he working his guts out on.
  11. Thought you could but just checking. Gone from making way to much to way to low. Cheers
  12. can you do a compression test without any intake on?
  13. I've seen them, seeing if there are any second hand possibly a wee bit cheaper. It's for the long roof and got to get it down a bit, at the moment it's higher than Afroman.
  14. I'm looking for a pair of single leaf capri springs, closer to Peterborough the better if anyone can help. cheers
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