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  1. cheers aden. n yes it is fresh fuel new fuel lines too and the tank was completely empty before we put the fuel in so deffo not the prob
  2. hi steve there are 2 firing orders apparently 1342 n 1243 and according to the haynes manual ours is 1243. pretty sure we tried the other way too but it made things worse. the odd part of it is that is was so close to firing then just dropped back to plane ole turn over
  3. cheers andy, thing is the dizzy is still in the same position as the last guy who owned it. we had another look today, even took the rocker off to check that the tdc was matching the them aswell as the dizzy. and when we tried to fire it up, it was just about to go and then nuffin! now when we turn it over it turns then seems to jump a bit as it turning but not firing.i'm pretty damn confused to be honest!! any suggestions from any1 would be good, its hard for me to explain how it sounds when turning. but basically seems to have gone lumpy on turn over but only since it was about to fire! n also the dizzy is fooking hard to turn, cant do it by hand!
  4. so, got quite a bit done lately (sorry for lack of updates) finally got all the engine parts back 2gether and everything seemed ok apart from 2 holes in the rad when it came the time to fire up, it just turned n turned...spat a few flames out the carb and that was pretty much it. so we made sure the firing order was right (1243) but still no go! the flames have stopped, its turning, we have spark, we have fuel but nada. so time to start a few things over again
  5. got a few bits over the last couple of weeks! gaz rear shocks, lowering kit etc. radjay painted up the axle and made up some new brake line for us and then we got it all bolted back up
  6. so, me and radjay have been trying to push on a bit before the winter hits got most of the front end back in aswell as the xflow, still need a few bits though! spent some time painting bits up and getting em bolted back in. so heres some pics of the progress so far will update when we get a bit more done inbetween the frost and rain
  7. deffinately older but nowhere near as good looking radjay = the OLDER bro in law and co-owner
  8. cheers mate! how'd ya bend it my mate had a lovely harrier but put it up for sale due to space. took a guy for a test drive and a vw golf pulled out on him total write off
  9. Also got a couple more bits painted and ready to be bolted back on Next step will be to get the engine all cleaned up n painted ready to get the front end back together!!
  10. spent today getting some protection under whole car n boy is that s**t messy
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