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  1. Looking for fira complete inJEcton system Anyone
  2. Simple job m8 easy job for diy mechanic
  3. Just purchased a 2.8 capri and it wont rev past 3.5k it splutters and dyes also on over run it spits through the exhaust car smells rich is there a mixture screw on injection and where abouts is this screw need help as just want to enjoy car in this weather Just a thought could it be plug leads breaking down they look newish ?
  4. Think all the black from that era is ford super black easy mix for any paint shop
  5. For sale black escort rs 2000 xpac ford kit ,car is on 1981 X plate ,try and describe as acurate as i can front suspension bilstien coilovers rear bilstien with decambered single leafs 2" lowering blocks front brakes princess four pots vented discks ,rear standard,bias box proper ford peadels fitted wheels ronal 7 1/5" proper ford ones seats recovered buy aldridge mint ! door cards uncut nice condition four soke motorsport wheel with proper center and boss shell is really good needs no welding has no rot paint is good engine was built 1k ago and is rebored balanced crank and flywheel injection head new valves FR32 cam with matching valve springs 2 1/4 3piece manifold and twin box exhaust running on twin 40s H/H dizzy lot of spares ie ford nose cone 2 rs wings glass no offers price is £7700 please no offers or swaps can send pics on mobile car is located central scotland more pics avalible thanks for looking Davy 07753 123280
  6. sure can all bases where the same
  7. not as good a shell as the Harrier been repairs to the heater bowl but done very well but solid everywhere else
  8. nope was a friend of friend he got fed up with it and sold the lot to me
  9. just get it on the road front painted now retrimmed seats in and a rebuilt 2.1 engine already in brake lines to do carbs away to a guy tro get rejetted mot middle of next month and get it out and about
  10. picked this up couple of weeks ago local to me as well
  11. whos was the yellow rs2000 with the cage in it on tonights program
  12. my tracking set to zero best all round for road same shoxs here m8
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