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  1. Scheduled to go on eBay at 8PM tonight.
  2. The Calypso is a mate of mines. It's so clean. I love it.
  3. Selling due to getting a new set of wheels. Set of mk2 Escort Ghia 13" banded steel wheels (originally 5 inch wide) banded out to 6.25 inch wide. Came off my Escort mk2 Ghia. Cars lowered 2 inches and they fitted all round on 185/60 tyres without any arch rub on standard arches. I lightly rolled the front arches just to be safe. Im running a panhard rod on the rear but without one you may have clearance issues as the axle moves about unless you roll the rear arches (mine aren't rolled). These are the original wheels my Escort came from the factory on. They were banded through James
  4. I got a section 59 for hanging the arse end out of a T junction about 2 years ago. He pulled me over and in the same manner as you got "have you heard of a section 59" and I said no so he said "well you obviously dont"....duh.... Basically I got a letter saying that I had been pulled over and given a section 59 for driving without due care and attention, dangerous driving and not being in full control of the vehicle. It lasts a year on you and the car. If you get another in a year, they take whatever car you are driving off you, if someone else gets one in the car you got one in, they take
  5. Tune into Retards Club more often then haha Im a regular miserable twat on there
  6. Ive checked them out and whilst they are very very nice, they are ever so slightly above my budget at the current time. Id settle for a good useable one at the moment really.
  7. On the lookout for a straight rear bumper for my dads Mk1 Escort for his Christmas present as I'm sick of seeing his car with a bent one. He currently has one with the cut out in it but either would do. Would prefer the best used condition one I can find but wouldn't say no to a good straight bumper that just needs a re-chrome.
  8. Jesus Christ. That's bad news. Yep. Im such a fashionista. Thanks. Nah most likely not. Ill have the white Volvo on the road next year so Ill probably attend a few RWYB days in that but I wont be doing the OSFDC in the Escort.
  9. Dads fine thanks. He still has the mk1, now on its 3rd 2.0 pinto and Im currently trying to gear him up to rebuild the spare 205 block in the workshop into something more fun. He is currently playing about being American with a 1966 Ford Mustang. They certainly have Vista and it was the Volvo that made it happen. Before I bought it I couldnt do a lot and changing my own oil was still foreign territory to me but after some initial research and a few people saying "youll never do that you dont have the skill" I thought CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. Sure Ive made a few mistakes along the way as we
  10. Good evening all, No your eyes don't deceive you, I have returned. For those of you who don't know me, I am Antz from North Yorkshire and I used to be the resident miserable twat on this site many moons ago (5 years according to my last login) but the quest for knowledge and questions to be answered has brought me back. Whilst Im here its rude not to say hello and update you all on what keeps my mind busy these days. Well, I still have the Escort. Still going strong and no longer powered by the 1.3 that it did have when I last here. Its now running a 1.7 that got me into great trou
  11. had mine on for the last 3 MOT's and its never been picked up. In fact everyone says they love them.
  12. get down to classic ford show. Jo will drag you round for the tour of introductions like I was my first year!
  13. nice one!!!!! I joined specially to look at that.
  14. sorry to hear your news Doc but welcome back and as they say. "one door closes and another opens" welcome back buddy
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