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  1. I only want to change them coz i think there will be clearance issues if i drive it hard on full lock etc. If I could get them to clear then they`d stay for sure. If I do sell em they`ll go back on ebay where they came from but i`ll definately be dropping a link to the forum Andy
  2. Thanks for the comments boyz they`re appreciated.....and yes that ramp is a bit mad but I had to build it to get my capris round the back. Feels like ya takin off when you drive up it
  3. I thought i`d take advantage of the decent day and get some pics taken and post a few up. I`ve only had the 280 a few months and the S over a year now. The 280 will be in line for some serious "butchery" over the next year or so but the S will stay reasonably standard looking apart from a Mk2 grille and maybe some bigger diameter Image 4spokes to replace the 7.5" xpack alloys. At the moment the S is totally original with all its panels as it rolled off the production line and is very solid. When I found the car, it had previously been taken off the road after only 8yrs of use and laid up in a
  4. Meths and milk is for hommo`s ..... I clean my teeth with valve grinding paste !
  5. You mean you cant??? I`ve seen the advert and if you by an Avensis YOU DEFINATELY CAN
  6. I found a turnip in the fridge but it seems to be orange all the way thru !!!
  7. If you want one that tidy then yes its worth that money all day long....where are you gonna find a 33yr old car in that condition for less?...nowhere ! Its like buying a new car but with class
  8. If you`re leaving the bottom end alone at least consider a high pressure high flow oil pump and then open up the cam spray bar holes a little. It`ll help the excess play in your bottom end bearings and look after your cam. If you do change the pump make sure you put the locating collar back in - it`ll either be stuck in the block or the old pump but dont chuck it away with the old pump or you`ll never centralize the new one. It`ll work for a thousand or so miles then shear the hex bar that drives it from the dizzy. Trust me I know
  9. No, dont think it was a reshell as we had the carpets up and bits of trim and rear quarter panels off. All looked to be the usual weak covering of paint you`d expect on the insides. I`m dead cert it was a genuine 280 just think probably not the one the V5 related to? The front panel had been changed but the aluminium ID plate rivets had been there years so I think the landing panel complete with ID came off the original car the V5 belonged to.
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