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  1. Spotted these two 4door's on different days.. anyone's on here?.. This one was in Hastings, East sussex.. And this one was in Eastbourne..
  2. Saw a white mk1 fiesta last night as me and the girlfriend was eating KFC ..did beep my horn but dont think they heard us! We was sitting in the kfc car park in the girlfriends mk1 on Lottbridge Drove Any ideas on whos it is or is it yours? Thanks Dan
  3. Anyone on here own or no someone with a brown mk1 with a rusty bonnet?.. Was in the girlfriends fiesta bravo when we drove passed it near uckfield? Thanks Dan
  4. Aslong as its ford its fine! Try get a strong number of people then we can set a date if you like?
  5. hello would anyone be interested in starting a monthly meet around this area or even in east sussex somewhere? Any ideas please dont hesitate to say! Just a thought as not meany meets around this area Thanks Dan
  6. You might have seen us driving around sussex in it?.. and have been to a couple of meets. haha no worries dude will say hello if i see you, where abouts you from then?
  7. yeah Sweet.. do you know whos it is as i saw it in brighton when i speed trails were on and looks like a good car?
  8. Whos is the yellow mk1 fez box?.. is this the one with blue mudflaps?
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