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  1. Hello, After a short break away from Fords I have decided I want another Escort. I'm after a 2 door either Mk1 or Mk2 . If you think you might have something that would interest me please either mail me on gazcos68@gmail.com or call/text me on 07843052460. thanks very much.
  2. Hello, Just seen this, sorry I'm sorted now. That is nice though !! Regards, Gary
  3. Hello, I need a Mk1 Escort Steering Column, preferably complete except I don't need the ignition barrel. If you've got one please either drop me a PM or preferably text me on 07843052460. Thanks. Regards, Gary
  4. Yeah, I will do soon. Currently I'm just gathering parts.
  5. Looking forward to seeing this done. I sold the Cortina shortly after selling you the engine and now have another Escort project. I decided to try the Zetec thing again so I've had to buy everything I sold you all over again lol. Mine is currently just a bare shell so I'm a good few months behind you . I'll keep checking in here for updates!
  6. I've just bought a Mk1 Escort rolling shell and wondered if anyone was pulling something nice out of their Escort to make way for an upgrade. I'm looking for 180BHP upwards so if you're pulling out an XE,ST170 or nice Pinto give me a shout. The more complete the package the better.
  7. Ah yes, I know all about that car !!
  8. I didn't think my last post worked hence two similar ones lol
  9. I'd happily consider either but if pushed I think I might prefer another Mk2 this time. Again not overly concerned if its an RS model or not as long as its priced correctly but I would like something a bit fun, don't really want anything low power.
  10. To be honest I don't really mind, although if pushed I think I might prefer a Mk2 again this time. Again not to concerned if its a genuine RS or not but I would like it to be reasonably big power.
  11. Ok true , maybe what I should have said was they are too "nice" for me .
  12. Hello mate, no they are all a bit to £££ for me I'm afraid
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