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  1. My mum and dad bought a harrier from renyolds ford back in the 80`s and i had just passed my test and was gonna be on the harrier insurance i could not wait .sitting outside their house wait for my go when they got home and they pulled up in a linnet i went mad telling them to return it ect. but as it wasx brand new i learned to love it and would not mind a linnet now in silver.
  2. looking forward to getting out to this meet been busy working evenings
  3. here are some pictures of the road outside the pub in kelvendon village sent to me by my neice who lives 1 road away . she has informed me the villagers are not happy. bearing im mind this a 60mph A road
  4. did the rally drivers not realise the building opposite the pub was a police station with full cctv on all corners of it .and a resident taking down number plates. i thought rally driving was all about control ,from my view it looked like they was out of control. anyway well done tallpaul it was a cracking night ,gutted the seafood stall was shut.
  5. 7 on the Retards Club event confirmed 1 capri 3 cortinas 1 mk1 escort and 2 i dont no what they have. just a dry day get out cus ive had enough of not going out
  6. hi all just a bit of a of the cuff event ,there are 3 /4 of the essex lot driving out to the dengie bradwell powerstation in the morning . meeting at 9,30 at he halfway house a127 Address: Southend Arterial Road Brentwood Essex CM13 3LL and setting of at 10 am. all wecome to join us as the forcast is dry and bright for sunday
  7. hi all whitewebbs auto-jumble is on Sunday the 30th of dec . a morning drive to the whitewebbs and lunch at the lodge instead of Monday . MEETING POINT THE HALFWAY HOUSE Southend Arterial Road Brentwood Essex CM13 3LL MEETING TIME 8.00 LEAVING AT 8.30 PROMPT MY NUMBER IS 07884446449 CALL OR TEXT
  8. still need to identify these ,done some homework on you ideas i think still a mystery . somebody tell me please
  9. hi all bought these for a mk1 capri and they are wrong ,can anyone tell me what osf they fit and why the front ones have holes in . cheers gents
  10. wow what a day 2 winners on the club stand ,myself burton`s best in class and pauls amazing 3.0s best in show . here are my pics
  11. went over today to set out the ec club stand for tommorrows car show and i took a few pre pics ,also found a capri parked in a car park on its own. check out tommorrows pics i have booked the ec cars on the test track should be some great pics
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