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  1. This is just the tank only!! Has 3 outlets / inlets on the front and a breather on the top, requires a new sight tube, but have one somewhere! Comes with the splash bowl and cap. Advertised on Retards Club sites as well, will add pictures when i get home. Looking for £100 collected from Croydon area. Dan
  2. Those top mounts are good but for road use they are harsh, you'll feel all the bumps and tiny stones in the road, on a smooth track there excellent, i would suggest a set of rubber roller bearing top mounts!
  3. I had the same thing when my volvo was written off, some lacquer peel in places and a different coloured wing as it was going to be painted 2 weeks after the incident happened, i battled it, proved it was booked in etc and they came to a better price, it was still less than it cost me to replace it but but was a sweeter pill to swallow though. Mine was extensive rear end damge so was not repairable, keep fighting them, prove it was booked in for painting, if you have a restor thread on here, proint it out and show them it, it will all help prove and strengthen your case!
  4. Having another big clear out of my models. Postage is extra and can do a deal if you buy a few together or you can collect from Warlingham, Surrey JCT 6 M25. I am open to offers as well. Dan £35 Never been out of the box £35 Never been out of the box £35 Never been out of the box £35 Never been out the box £35 never been out of the box £25, wing mirror missing but generally good. £25 never been out of the box £85 Never been out of the box, not many of these sets about now. £25 Nwever been out of the box £55 Never been out of the box although case lid has a littl
  5. These are brand new top mounts only dummy fitted to the car, never driven on. They are Camber adjustable top mounts and are for large hole wings as they are designed for the mk1 escort. I am not going to use them as have gone a different route now and they would be wasted on my car. Gaz sell them for the £150+VAT. I am looking for £130 ono, I can post if required but would prefer collection from Croydon, Surrey. Dan 07815 098 702
  6. This is a custom made pinto turbo exhaust manifold. It was made for an externally gated turbo. !!!! IT DOES NOT FIT A MK1 or MK2 ESCORT ENGINE BAY!!!! I bought it for my mk1 escort and will not fit in the inner wing with the turbo bolted to it, the turbo was bolted onto the bottom of the manifold hence the rose joints to support it. It is made of mild steel so could be cut around and made to fit the escort engine bay. It has a t3 flange on there, no cracks or splits, would make an awsome manifold for a space frame car or a sit up and beg pop (this is what it was made for) Looking for £300 ON
  7. That's good power, I have a 4 bar map sensor according to the engine builder but I didn't think they existed. Will be running a rather small holset hx35 turbo with a 3" downpipe and 3" modified cosworth system. Hope to run similar boost and hopefully similar power with a big fat wedge of torque due to it being an 8v. Just want to get the old girl running now.
  8. I there 660cc or 700cc injectors can't remember but should be enough flow through them to make some good power hopefully. they are low impedance ones if I remember right.
  9. lol they will be, was only a mock up to see how it all fitted together for clearance etc. hopefully I'll get some more done soon. Dan
  10. Getting there, engine is back in on the new x member , rad recess has been welded in to run the bigger airtec rad and the slam panel has been cut off to slide in the intercooler. got new top mounts to go on the legs and ordered some more an connectors to run the fuel lines from the tank. haven't got any pictures currently but will do some more over the weekend.
  11. While waiting on a few other parts to arrive I thought I better get on with the front end, new brakes time. This is the leg as it was removed from the car ( will be cleaned and painted and some new alloy hubs to go on there, this is just a mock up fit ) Slightly larger disc fitted to the hub: We now have a caliper added, wilwood superlites: 6x15 wheel fitted, was a bit unsure as the discs are 300mm and the caliper is quite big too, but I think there could be a bigger disc in there if needed: New V's old slight size difference lol All packed away and back in the boxes now untl
  12. Will be getting a removable slam panel and will be going in the front hidden out the way, will see how well it works there with some extra cooling holes in the front panel.
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