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  1. 2 lady owners from new, mot until Feb 2018. 78900 miles, clean solid car,1300l, purple had a new wing and it's a slightly different colour so it would need painting same as car, overhaul paintwork is good, tidy to run out mot then do a few jobs, will need a new clutch in the near future, one seat ripped but gen Ford cover supplied,rear bench good but back one worn on top edge so will need recover,wheels just been refurbed with 4 new Yokos done about 50 miles still got bobbles on, had new strut full length plates at some point, ,face of radio with electric Ariel, doors have electric motors in
  2. Like the rest of the uk I am after a mk 1 escort, I can't afford all these really nice ones so if I give my budget I won't waste anyone's time , around £10.000 could go up a bit more for the right car, max of £12000 Would take a 2 door project if it's solid or a good 4 door on the road, I don't mind a 4 door project but not at 2 door prices , I have the cash ready and I don't mind traveling if someone has the right car, must be rhd uk car,manual Mark 07419119552 west mid
  3. 11 cortinabully ( mk1 escort)12 Alan smith ( mk2escort)
  4. I don't need to convert I need a complete one
  5. Right hand drive wiper motor needed, working 2 speed, also 2 wiper arms,don't matter about the blades,
  6. Old skool ford stand with front wheel drive cars on it, don't make sense it's supposed to be before front wheel driven cars and plastic bumpers, if your allowing fiestas on the stands then you may as well allow sierras ,there's no fiesta in the land better than a standard Sierra cosworth , at least it's rwd and most top escorts have there engine in them or everybody would if they could afford them,the fiestas are some peoples pride and joy and they may appeal to them but they don't mix with rwd cars,totally different type of thing altogether, I say keep within what the furom stipulates or do
  7. Yes mate it's turned up thanks,the post here is always slow,
  8. Got no stand pass unless my postman is on a go slow,
  9. mk1 or mk2. Around 4000, don't matter if something needs building up so long as it's painted and all there,will travel cash waiting,
  10. There bonded. On and stuck for good, if you do get one off like I did you have to bond the new one in exactly the same place otherwise the window roller don't travel properly, the easy option is to just get another window with a good support.
  11. Hi, I am about to put a complete steering column on flea bay when I have took the pictures Tom, I want £100. Because it has the steering lock with a key( one sold on flee bay for £70 that was just the lock alone, ) the other day, let me know if your interested, , I am in West Midlands don't know postage but I would say £15.
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