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  1. Wanted mk2 escort van any colour, any condition please send me a pm with details Thanks
  2. Mk1 or Mk2 Van wanted, no projects as only want a complete van please. Prefer white, blue or red only unless the van is cheap enough to change the colour. Cash waiting
  3. Do you have any contact details for Milton as can't find them Thanks
  4. Thanks for info, I had my type 9 redone by BGH so has better ratios etc.
  5. I have a Mexico running a 1700 crossflow that currently has a standard 4 speed gearbox. I am looking to change over to a type 9 5 speed, can anyone tell me what is required. Thanks
  6. I am after a mk1 RS2000 in either Olympic Blue or White. Must be a genuine car, will consider all options but would prefer a complete car. Cash waiting for the correct car Give us a call or text on 07729154300 as not online all the time Thanks Mickey
  7. If you want some really good advice then I use the company below, might be worth a call to see what they say? http://www.pristinealloywheels.co.uk/
  8. I used to go along to the local meet at Chatham Dock Yard, does anyone know if this meet is still on once a month or if there is any other meets in Kent? Thanks
  9. Not sure how much soda blasting was as I am just paying for a full turn key resto that includes everything
  10. HI mate, thanks for the messages, yes I have owned a fair few OSF and still do. I own a RS500 but not a replica, she is the real deal for sure My plan is to make the broadstripe a concours car by show season next year
  11. Purchased the MK2 Broadstripe from my good Pal Alan Sherwood, from the off we started works, shell was soda blasted, then the pain stacking metal work began as below: After a wash amazing what paint hides Off to be soda blasted Time for metal work
  12. For Sale I have a 2.1 Pinto, cosworth rods, accralite pistons, fully balanced, RS2000 Sump, new main shells, new big ends, new oil pump, ported head, high lift cam, set of new twin 45's, inlet manifold, complete exhaust system. The engine has been removed from my MK2 Escort as below, engine has been fully stripped and re-built after removal, looks clean as a whistle now, ready to drop straight in. 175 bhp approx £3500 o.n.o Tel: 07883011989 - Gary
  13. Cheers, aquajets are the tyres, very expensive original ones
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