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  1. Some great cars in this thread. Heres my little MK1 Escort. It was a wedding present from my wife, a complete surprise. Ive added the JBW wheels, Stainless Steel Bumpers, Sapphire Cosworth front and rear seats, front splitter (graphics were already on it). Recently I painted the engine bay, under the bonnet, underneath the car and in the arches and the leaf springs and all the suspension. Great fun car which I enjoy whether driving it or working on it
  2. I put this system onto mine. Mainly because I wanted a nice exhaust pipe at the back of the har. Had to do a bit of cutting to shorten pipe over axle but all sleeves are provided and had plenty spare parts It gives a nice sporty noise but not to booming. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/121503930129
  3. Thanks to people posting the pictures. I honestly haven't stopped laughing at some of them
  4. Thanks for the comments everyone. Great to see all the cars on here
  5. Thanks mate. I have 2 Cossies that are hidden away, Escort is just fun Thank you Thanks also
  6. Many thanks. She did get a Range Rover Sport just before tho lol
  7. Hi All, Although I have been registered on here for a while I haven't really posted much lately. My MK1 Escort was bought for me by my wife as a wedding present as a surprise. A mate had bought it on her behalf and added the Mexico graphics to add a bit of colour to it. So now Ive owned it for 10 years so decided it needed a bit of attention. So recently I added a few extras: 4 spotlights, as I only wanted the look I bought them from Halfords and sprayed them white to match the car. Resprayed whole grill silver to neaten up. Front chin spoiler just to tidy the front up. Replica Sprinalex style steering wheel. JBW RS4 wheels and tyres. Sapphire Cosworth leather Recaro front seats and leather rears. Future plans are to remove Mexico graphics and add RS2000 graphics. Hope you all like even though its not anywhere near some of the amazing cars on here.
  8. This wednesday is our regular monthly meet. The evenings are still light until late, and the weather is still warm and dry. Hope to see you all there. Come along and say hi. All Fords welcome, RS, ST, XR, Ghia, New skool, Old Skool, basically anything Ford regards Jas The Five Bells Chailey Green East Grinstead Road BN8 4DA 7-30 onwards
  9. Hi All East Sussex Ford meet (formerly East Sussex RSOC) Wednesday 14th September Old Fords, New Fords, RS, ST, XR, L, LX, Ghia etc all welcome. If its a Ford, bring it along, be great to see everyone. The Five Bells Chailey Green East Grinstead Road BN8 4DA There is plenty of parking, outside seats to sit near the cars, warm welcoming venue. 7-30 onwards
  10. Thanks for all the replies everyone, all good valid points. The car itself isn't a 10K car, its solid, panels all line up and are straight. Really looking to get the car tidied up, maybe a blow over as it isn't dented, scratched etc
  11. This is my 1968 MK1 Escort. I was originally a 1300 super, but now runs a 1760 x-flow. The interior has leather Recaro seats, wheels are RS 4 spokes. I am thinking of having it resprayed as the bodywork looks good from a distance, but close up it needs spraying, there is a few rust spots here and there (no holes or rot tho). I would like to replace the front panel as it needs tidying and I would like to fit round headlamps. I would possibly change the decals to RS2000 styling, and change the wheels to a new set of Midland wheels RS 4 spokes as tyres need changing anyway. So here is my question and advice I am after. Will it be worth the cost having it resprayed, and what sort of cost could I be looking at for a respray? What sort of value could the car be worth as it stands now, and then what value after. I could never sell it as the wife bought it for me as a wedding present btw.
  12. I went in the afternoon. Some nice cars there, but not as big as I expected. Hopefully it will improve year on year
  13. Great turnout tonight. Not been since moved to the new venue. Absolutely stunned by the amount of cars and people were there. Fantastic evening
  14. Here is a classic car show local to me. Not just Fords, mainly old classic cars. Last year was relaxed and very enjoyable NCCS Entry form letter Email WORD.doc
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