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  1. Hi Guys, just thought I'd show my car once again, its been a while, its a bit of a sad moment because due to financial issues I might have to sell my this car. its been with me over 12 years and has all its Ford panels still intact, including all the floors sills and jacking points which can still take the weight of the car, the boot is like new as are the inner wings, original engine, carpets and I'd estimate 60% original paintwork, I'm trying to hold on to it at the moment, if I do have to sell it, I can't see my self ever being able to find one this original ever again, its been a great car and very reliable. I won't be giving it up without a fight.
  2. Hi Jim, I know the early Capri was based on a Cortina, so the box should be ok, its the seat that sounds wrong, you might find your car was converted from auto to manual at some point in its passed. (the joys of classic motoring :))
  3. I serviced my weber a few weeks back, it could be something simple, as it was working it can't be much, good luck Jim, if you need any more info from my book its no problem.
  4. I have looked in the manual here is what I found, firstly you seem to have to auto throttle linkage, not sure how that will work, here are some pics from the book. carb.pdfthrottle.pdf
  5. Dam, I know what its like struggling to get the niggles sorted, you can throw money at it for fun! I've had my 1600E for twelve years and I'm still working on it, nothing to dramatic, just the usual brake and steering stuff. I don't think I've seen a Cortina MK2 1300 at a show for years, they are like hens teeth these days, well worth saving. I hope you get it sorted soon, I have a Ford 1969 workshop manual for the MK2 if you need any technical drawing, diagram or text let me know, I can photo copy it and put it on the page. Good luck.
  6. That explains why its not in my book, it was advertised for the MK2 Cortina 1600 GT engine, mine has a Bosch electronic distributor from a MK1 XR2, the guy I bought it off fitted it, he was a mechanic, I just wanted the car to have an original set up. (in hindsight might be better left alone if they wear so quickly) Thanks for the info it was appreciated.
  7. Hi guys, I bought a distributor for my 1600E but the numbers don't match the book for my car, its an Autolite 72BB LA 1JC, I've looked at various information but can't identify what this one fits, any idea. thanks, Mark.
  8. Nice car, spot lights look good on the 2000E, I had a MK3 GT Daytona yellow with tomb stone seats, twin head lights.
  9. Lovely Anglia, wouldn't mind one myself.
  10. Yes, but the fluid comes out very slowly, I'm going to change the axle pipe, that connects both brake cylinders, like what was suggested it must be blocked somewhere, I think the first thing will be to remove the fitting on the drivers side and put a bleed nipple in to see if it bleeds ok, I should get an indication of where its blocked, hopefully its at the rear or I'll need to change the long length from the block connector on the bulkhead to the flexi pipe on the axle, the joys of classic cars, love it though.
  11. The brakes worked fine they always stopped very well, now all what happens is after pressing the peddle a few times it goes to the floor, it always had a solid peddle, like I said it was just leaking fluid.
  12. Thanks I'll take a look, its just strange, I had no problem before I changed the cylinder.
  13. Hi guys, I fitted a new rear near side brake cylinder and I can't get the air out of the system, I have bled the brakes four times with someone in the car and three times with a vacuum pump with the same result, very little hydraulic oil comes out. I was told a common fault is the flexible hose collapsing inside, I changed this but the problem remains, the front bled as it should. I can't see any damage to the pipework and it was fine other than a wet cylinder before I changed it, any ideas?
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