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  1. cheers rob ,,this is very handy,,
  2. can enyone tell me what is the differences between a type 49 shell and a standard shell thanks lee
  3. my chassis plate is just a painted white panel with a few other numbers other than the chassis number ,
  4. evo stick green , contact adhesive, sticks like shit to a blanket
  5. the reg of the car is j reg will this tied up cjay
  6. or maybe not happy thanks cj i will have a look
  7. thanks everyone im happy now ,,just got to rebuild it
  8. my chassis number reads this on the plate under the bonnet bbtgkr there is no A on the chassis plate but there is one on the log book. so this is how it should read bbatgkr can any body tell me if this is correct for a gt model as it doesnt say gt just says escort on the log book
  9. i have just bought a 1300gt 2dr mk1 escort, or i think i have does any one know if it was a gt would it always state it on the log book, i have looked around the car it has disc brakes on the front servo brakes etc 6 pot dash , is there any thing else which would make it stand out to be a gt version,, my concorn is it doesnt say it on the log book ,i have looked on the net and i cant find any good pics of a two door and all its extras, can anyone help thanks lee
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