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  1. There is an 'interior paint' that ive seen used before on vinyl covered door cards and dash tops. It came out great - looked factory. Its black but i cant remember the make - im sure halfords sell a version of it. The seats might be a bit harder to find in black tho - been after some myself for an estate and not come across anything yet - not even fronts! Ben
  2. Well, I only had use of a friends drive for 10 days! Car is coming back to my place today so heres the update from over the weekend... One of the old engine mounts, cut down and tacked onto some thick sheet to test fit position in the car, then taken out and fully welded on This is the other side in place in the car The plates holding the mounts were bolted into place first then welded. I'll remove the bolts. The engine will be coming out again tomorrow so that we can remove the old gearbox mounts which are very slightly fouling on the
  3. Time to remodel the front valance.... The rad is very tall (should keep it cool enough) and just fits between the chassis rails but the height meant that to get it below the slam panel, all the metalwork behind the valance was cut away The rad was mounted to some homemade mounts under the slam panel accessed by the original holes in the slam panel It was hard to get a decent pic in the sunlight To strengthen up the front end we got some (3) sections of box cut to fit to be welded in as per pic going across the front Car now up on stands for gearbox and engine
  4. Had to work today but got a call from Malc this afternoon to say he couldnt resist having a little play. He had cut away a lot of the metal behind the valance, ground it all smooth, test fitted the rad and was able to get it in roughly the right position. I think it will need a tiny bit of modding to the valance as my rad is very tall but we had been discussing a few valance metalwork mods so it might all tie together nicely. Friday is next day i have free so more pics and update by the weekend
  5. Lotusless, im still after one if you know of any going now or in the future, cheers Well today after a bit of pushing cars around (working on a drive) we got started. The lovely 'soon to be 2 doored and space framed' consul engine donor By the time i built the new engine hoist Malc had got the front of the consul dismantled, disconnected/unbolted everything and we were ready to take the lot out. And it rained plenty Gonna need the front end of that prop Its never been run but I already love this engine got a borg warner 66 (jag) on the back Malcs skills on
  6. Its been reasonably straight forward in terms of modifications: Engine before we got the rubbish out of the way, some temporarily, some forever! Without battery, heater, washer motor cover, alarm(?!) and some wiring Malc grinding off the old engine mounts Drilling out the spot welds to move battery to boot If only those holes would disappear... Magic Malc to the rescue... Still got to clean, prep and paint engine bay and crossmember Bulkhead, we havent touched Heater box, we cut off the area that was sticking out over the engine bay (only about 1
  7. Im currently putting a rover v8 into my mk5 2 door (with the help of some very skilled friends ) I have pics - will be adding them shortly On saturday morning i took delivery of a 2 door mk5 cortina - lovely straight shell - will require some inner wings, sills touching up and a bit of bodywork but nothing too major) Pictured next to the engine donor ('57 consul) 3.5 Rover V8, 3.9 standard profile cams, Holley 4 barrel, Edelbrock manifold, mgc block huggers After lunch the engine, box and prop came out
  8. This is my daily driver: 2.8 v6, 5 speed - soon to be lower.... This mk5 2.0 gl was bought with knackered pinto. Now replaced with a running pinto - will be receiving a 2.8 v6 over the summer too...
  9. love it as standard, but i love the concept drawing too... either way, top motor
  10. my first capri was a black mk1 1600xl capri when i was a young moron. id rolled it within a month before i even took a pic
  11. tried to put up pics but i need to have made 10 posts before im allowed. pics will be added shortly
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