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  1. And to be fair they're no worse than some of the Aussie wheels we've seen. [emoji1787]
  2. Apparently "Swangers" are the current trend in Texas. No idea why.
  3. If you own a Lamborghini but also like rat rods, I guess you'd have something like this: https://drivetribe.com/p/this-mad-max-style-lamborghini-UUgIXB0tQgStReQAUFm1Og?iid=Ir5qoEFNQdaZRzs6PaxeTw&utm_campaign=main+&utm_medium=fb&utm_source=organic
  4. It might be the other way round, if using an alloy bellhousing you need the alloy sump. It's something to do with where the clutch cable slides through I think?
  5. Of course, or extend the stock one by 2" or so.
  6. Remember if you use the alloy sump, you will need to use the alloy bellhousing too rather than an iron one.
  7. Maybe they want to sell on the steel front wings.
  8. The alloy ones have a shorter pan to clear the rack and a wing on one side to maintain capacity. You can chop a tin one about to replicate it easy enough.
  9. Do you hate Austin Healeys? Then this could be the car for you! Bastardised into a Lotus 7/pickup hybrid it is currently on ebay for a bargain £8,995.
  10. So that'll be a pickup bed, then.
  11. Thousands of pounds of computer and software: it's a rendering.
  12. Apparently so does this.
  13. Just the car for when you can't decide whether you want a luxury coupe, a pickup, or a supercar.
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