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  1. Even if they still had to chop the roof, I'm sure something could have been done to sort the door top out?
  2. Usual standard of trike aesthetics here.
  3. I wonder if it's used for circuit racing or sprints?
  4. Good point, need to check the toe in too.
  5. Very strange place to store your shoes.
  6. "A friend of a friend builds roll cages; cheap too."
  7. On TSW Venoms too. Oh dear!
  8. If you look really closely, you can just about see the join.
  9. Close, but no cigar.
  10. That time when Briggs and Stratton built a hybrid car.
  11. Nice pics, shame about the subject.
  12. I hope this improves the aerodynamics, as it certainly doesn't improve the aesthetics.
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