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  1. HotRodMatt

    Just plain wrong!

    I quite like that.
  2. HotRodMatt

    Just plain wrong!

    Just cannot get my head around this.
  3. HotRodMatt

    Just plain wrong!

    Doesn't make it right.
  4. HotRodMatt

    Just plain wrong!

    When sir is a classy goth.
  5. HotRodMatt

    Twin turbo Pinto

    Well that's a new one on me!!
  6. HotRodMatt

    Twin turbo Pinto

    It's in a Mk1 Sierra 5 door in Argentina, was a 1.6 now a 1.9. That's all I know...
  7. Would do if it was an OSF. [emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787]
  8. HotRodMatt

    Just plain wrong!

    Nowt wrong with the car, it's the wheels that belong in this thread.
  9. HotRodMatt

    Just plain wrong!

    Are you an off road enthusiast with no taste? Then may I present to you an Audi A4 buggy.
  10. HotRodMatt

    Just plain wrong!

    What's going on here, then?
  11. I'm not a huge fan of Mk1 Fiestas and this doesn't help things.
  12. HotRodMatt

    Stumped non starter?

    Have you taken the plugs out in turn and rested them against the block to see if you get a spark? Are the washers in the correct order on the points spindle? I did that wrong once on a mate's Morris Minor and it wouldn't fire.
  13. HotRodMatt

    Just plain wrong!

    Lambo doors look silly on Lambos, let alone a Focus. And as for this Explorer...
  14. HotRodMatt

    Cortina Atlas Rear Axle (MK3, 4, 5)

    Here's a couple of links that might help regarding the Atlas. https://www.classicfordmag.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/definitive-guide-to-atlas-axles-classic-ford.pdf https://www.classicfordmag.co.uk/tech/definitive-guide-atlas-axles/
  15. HotRodMatt

    Rear Live Axle Choices (Cortina, Capri)

    On a second look I think it's actually a Koln axle (Mk3/4/5 Cortina). Look for two bolts near each other at the 5/6o'clock position. They are weaker than an English and I don't think there are LSDs available. As such, they are worth barely anything and best off in the bin.
  16. HotRodMatt

    Rear Live Axle Choices (Cortina, Capri)

    Could well be a Volvo 240 axle. They are quite strong and I think some/all for the swedish market were LSD equipped from the factory.
  17. HotRodMatt


    Is it possible the cambelt has jumped a tooth? Maybe the ignition module has failed? Have you checked the basics, ie fuel and spark?
  18. HotRodMatt

    Just plain wrong!

    A monster truck or tank parked on top would help the ride height.
  19. HotRodMatt

    Just plain wrong!

    "Better than it sitting there rotting." Nope, wrong.
  20. Could well have, I wouldn't have put that wing on it though, even if it had a 426.
  21. Why on earth would you tarnish a piece of Mopar history by putting a Mustang under it??
  22. HotRodMatt

    Panhard rod

    Defo get the adjustable kit. I got the fixed one from Rally Design and it isn't level with the axle. Mock it all up with the car's weight on the tyres/axle, that's about it really. You may need to remove the ARB or even reroute the exhaust depending on which kit you get.
  23. HotRodMatt

    Advice needed on engine choice

    Have you asked on the rodsnsods forum? Plenty of hot rod and yank knowledge on there. Sent from my SM-A320FL using Tapatalk