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  1. Hi Paul, the cars well on its way now, nearly all the low spots and dent found, should a sweetie when finished
  2. Got My yellow one last week, orded it nov time !!!!
  3. MRM Services is moving to bigger premises, im being cheeky but could any of you fine old skoolers lend a hand sat 17th oct or sun 18th oct, moved a lot of stuff as it is just a few bits to move now, including the ramps, i can supply food, tea and a few beers for the non drivers, any help would be great, plus if there are any parts your needing i can sort you out im sure, will be meeting 9.30 am both sat and sun at the old unit, as the new one is only a 30 second walk away, thanks guys and girls in advance, My number is 07816 303 541 MRM Services Unit W3 James Rd Tyselsey Birmingham
  4. Machine mart, cheep as chips ive 7 or 8 of them, holds a bob cosworth v6 perfectly
  5. Found this on the net, looked so nice, went to see it, and had to buy it, drives so sweet, i know its not what you guys would class as an old skool, but i think it should be,
  6. Did think about looking at this too, dito loose the rear spoiler it spoils it lol
  7. all good with me, got two mates in an old skool vw camper tagging along too,
  8. Ok nottcuts then a quick dash up the M42, what time?
  9. I shall be there, will bring the estate, lets meet up and roll as one, how about notcutts on the stratford rd?
  10. Hi all, just a note, ive used mt75 with live axles, use a prop with a centre sliding joint, i used a swb transit prop, mt75 box live axle, job done Very srong box too, i put 511bhp up one for 2 years, never missed a beat, just watch for faulty fifth gear hubs, the micro weld can crack and cause gear jamming
  11. Sure can, ive have a few done at aldon performance in brierly hill, just tell them the spec of your engine they will make the advance curve to suit
  12. Just a quick note, that was the only RS2000 fitted with a factory steel sunroof, from a granny, and your right the plate was false
  13. Just asked the wife for both colours for crimbo, with a starnge look on her face she said yes ,
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