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  1. Yes, it does bother me that the normal American mentality is to have a huge V8 in the small cars. The loud V8 becomes the car's only virtue. I want the car's design to be what stands out. I rather have a car that handles well and is more fun for me to drive in the canyons in a very spirited way.
  2. So, been into old cars for many years. I have owned many throughout the years; '65 Mustang Fastback, '65 Shelby GT350, '46 Ford Pickup, 6 Mini saloons. Had many others , however, now I own a 1967 Riley Elf, 1965 Sunbeam Imp and a 1957 Austin A35 as well as a 1957 Thunderbird. I have wanted a 105e Anglia for the longest time so while I was searching the online places to find one I was lucky enough to locate a 1955 101e Squire. I bought it on the spot. The Squire has the original engine and runs sweetly. It hadn't been on the road since 1964 in the dusty and dry desert of Southern California almost all it's life. She only has two bubbling rusty area on the lower front wings. Interior is faded, but still there. Seats are shot and the floor covering has long turned to dust. The exterior has been left largely alone with only one dented area on the rear valance. The wood strips mounted to the sides have dried up and will be removed all together. I found a 1500GT motor and 105e rear end for it. Will lower it a little and will add disc brakes. I plan on painting it in blue with a Terra-cotta colored leather interior.
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