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  1. just had a good read at the last few pages, very interesting, thanks for posting the updates. Gary.
  2. Its been a while (again), but we are up & running and have had a brilliant summer to try out the nearly finished Falcon....we used it locally to iron out a few bugs, then gave it a great 440ml round trip to Sheffield, and a few days driving around the Peak District, before we came home, then a couple of weeks later another 300 mile trip to Lincolnshire.....here's, a few pics of our adventures.
  3. stainless exhaust waiting to be fitted...
  4. Gearbox rebuilt, new torque converter fitted to engine, and the whole lot dropped in, a successful start to the year!
  5. This has to be the most interesting build on here (in my eyes!) great to see another smallblock going into a Cortina, great build, any updates?
  6. all new brake lines run, fitted a Sierra servo/master cylinder to upgrade to dual circuit brakes.
  7. Engine bay cleaned and repainted ready for the engine to go back in...rear lights etc refitted, FALCON letters re-spaced (OCD cutting in!)
  8. Sorry, its been a while since the last update...i've been busy, engine & box rebuilt and fitted, glass etc going in, all window and lock mechanisms rebuilt & fitted. Rear chrome and letters re-spaced correctly (they were wrong from the factory on estates & wagon tailgates...)
  9. Some more progress, bonnet fitted & gapped, dash fitted & wired & engine now going back together!
  10. Trev's Mercedes Benz powered Mk2 passed its BIVA test in Norwich last Thursday, hopefully making its debut at Mersea Island Show on June 11th.....paperwork won't be ready for this weekend sadly.
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