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  1. Hi is anyone breaking a shell that I can remove the panel mine is cut to bits by previous owners speaker installations. im in surrey thanks steve
  2. Hi ive just started on my Mexico and was wondering who to use for floors and sills and probably other bits no doubt. i have seen expressed and magnum. the prices are very different and would appreciate some recommendations from people who have used them. are there any other suppliers other than these two? Thanks in advance steve
  3. Hi im going to change to electronic ignition with a new distributor and was wondering what kits you guys have fitted and how you like them thanks steve
  4. I have now drained out the old fuel and flushed out the cooling system and changed the oil its running well and now to start stripping out the interior and windows out for assessment and onto some welding
  5. I'll think about it im not the best with computers
  6. Hi all After much procrastination I have decided to do a rolling restoration on my mexico i haven't started it for 17 years got it out the other day fiddled around with it and got it going i am going to keep it moveable and will be rolling it over with the jig that bolts to the hubs wish me luck
  7. Hi I was wondering if anyone makes full length pans for mk1s like they do for later cars? I need to do them but my tunnel is fine and original so don't want to cut it out. Thanks in advance Steve
  8. I want a pair of those stands so I can run an engine out of the car
  9. If you have a multimeter or test light you can check power to both sides of the coil with ign on. Bypass the ballast resistor and give the coil a 12v feed temp to check for spark at points You can use a mirror on a stick to see the ponts or do it in the dark If you have a spark at the points but not at the plugs test the rotor arm next Pull off coil lead at dist cap hold it in insulated pliers or a big dry rag With the cap off dist get someone to crank engine while you hold lead 1/2 cm Above the centre of rotor arm If there is no spark then the rotor is burnt out The spark should go from lead to rotor then off end of arm and track down to earth It's a bit hard to explain but the rotor is an insulator What normally happens is they burn through under the rivet and short to earth If you find the rotor is burnt out take it off and either use a small piece of silicon tape And stuff it up the hole to insulate it or paint inside with nail varnish which acts as an Insulator. Hope this helps P.s don't rely on it if that's the fault just let's you confirm what is wrong I have been a breakdown mechanic for many years and these tricks have helped me Out many times. The look on peoples faces when I get out the nail varnish and then it starts! Pps this test only works if you have a spark at the coil lead when you earth it and crank the engine Also make sure you have the correct spring loaded rotor arm for the rev limiter on this engine
  10. Good morning I am looking to get a pair of engine stands so I can run up engines out of the car The pair I would like are for a pinto but I think the bolt pattern is the same as the xflow Can anyone tell me if this is correct please 221428119806 That is the eBay item number I have looked at several sets but they look like the best ones to me My only thought is they may be for dry sump motors and not tall enough but could bolt them to A piece of fence post if necessary I have a xflow and xflow blocked lotus twin cam engine to work on Thanks in advance Steve
  11. Hi all I have been doing ultrasonic cleaning with a small machine for years now and people have been asking me to do jobs for them.i have now bitten the bullet and bought an industrial machine and thought I would ask to see if anyone wants any carbs or calipers done. I have a machine that will do a bank of 4 bike carbs at once. I have done several sets of twin 40 - 45s and they have come out well I can strip them or they can come to me in bits I am not looking to get rich doing it just a bit of pocket money. I have been a mechanic for 24 years Any questions please let me know Steve.
  12. saw this the other night outside merityre in bookham and just have to say it looks the business.a credit to all who built it.nice to talk to some of them there.
  13. nice one johnny who is the music by
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