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  1. It does make for a good day A bit of sun A lot of nice cars And even more good friends What more would you ask for
  2. it was a very good day thanks guys cant wait for the next one
  3. Thanks fella Everyone has said the same lol Was even told the spoiler look good in real life lol
  4. That's the one as I'm trying to get a better look at the spoiler As I want rid off the big spoiler on my car and replace it with the one on his car ?????
  5. hi guys there was a yellow mk2 out on track i want to get a better look at its boot spoilers has anyone got any pics it had a rs2000 spoiler and a alloy one over the top of it
  6. where do i get the ticket from????? posse ill pm you my address
  7. whos going up sunday morning?????? are osk haveing a stand????
  8. Going to be on show tomorrow at battlesbridge so if your about come and say hi
  9. that would be part 5 and how did you know thay was doing a london one???? Lol
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