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  1. got the exhaust back today got the complete system done in that heat proof coating
  2. any one know what manta sumps are goin for these days?
  3. bought this a while ago now, bought a house so it got put on hold but started buying stuff again so its gonna be started soon.
  4. just wondering what they are i thought they were summit ya bought to stop neg camber or summit like that but just found you can do it to your standard ones
  5. cheers peeps what other options are there?
  6. one of my mates says his mate fitted a wcxm to his escort with a cossie engine but removed it cus it was to harsh. i aint got a clue what he is on about, does anybody?
  7. is the white wheel on the back a golf 16v wheel mk2?
  8. a fella i know has got some capri calipers he doesnt know what there off tho. there two pots, just wondering are all capri calipers the same? as im after some 2.8 ones. is there any way of identifying them
  9. when i spoke to some one about sand blasting my car he said he could only do the seams as it would just buckle eveything else i just think he didnt want to do it lol.
  10. as above just wondering what sort of money they go for?
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