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  1. Just a quick one, anybody know if 15×7 ET25 wheels with 195/60 or 205/60 tyres will fit an OSF, specifically a MK1 Cortina without any arch modifications?
  2. Ordered an Escort 4 link and panhard road so I'll be modifying that end of next month. Car has no rear seats anymore so losing them isn't an issue, I just want to be able to do burnouts and not kangaroo for the next 3 days 😅
  3. So for custom anti tramp bars it looks like I could come off the outside of the axle, just before the U-bolts as a place to fit the brackets.. Although my A frame brackets are in the way of fitting rail brackets so perhaps up through the floor would be better?
  4. I've never seen a 4 bar kit for a MK1 Cortina.. I thought the GT had anti tramp bars but I can't find photos to find factory locations (Not that I'm too bothered about factory)
  5. I wish they did a 4 bar kit for MK1 Cortinas.. Any idea how much of a pain fitting an Escort 4 bar or tramp bars to a Cortina is?
  6. This is an old photo, that shite rod at the top hasn't been there for about 2 years. But the setup is 95% the same.
  7. Also has a MK1 Escort rear anti roll bar fitted. But I'm not convinced it has an effect either positively or negatively 😅
  8. I can grab a photo tomorrow, the only part of the springs left is the front half, the rear half has been removed and it now just acts as a locator. No side to side movement on the axle with or without weight on though.
  9. As the title suggests, I have appalling axle tramp on my MK1 Cortina when hanging the back end out and anything over a quick launch from standstill.. 275-300BHP, "A" frame, coilovers, Spax adjustable gas rear shocks, 2.8 spring fronts as locators.. Any help on where to start looking would be appreciated 😊
  10. This was just a generic check so I'm certain no real angles were checked. No bump steer and when driving the steering is fantastic, it's just this weird shimmying the wheel does on lock. I don't want to break any joints.
  11. Also I just saw the photo I took of the readout when I got the toe angle sorted a while back. It's actually about 2°12' negative camber!
  12. Ah I get you, my bad! Using modified Capri struts to fit Cortina inserts, adjustable Escort TCAs, compression struts with no roll bar, eccentric solid top mounts.. Modified as in the steering arms were extended by about 1/2"
  13. Modified MK1 Escort setup, but i kept the front bowl sump if the CA18DET because it's easy enough to navigate round.. 11/2 set camber? What's that? I'm running about 1.75° negative camber.
  14. I've got camber, castor and toe adjustment on my racked MK1 Cortina, but on full lock (forward and reverse) I get this weird scrubbing/hopping feeling through the steering wheel. Wondering what camber, castor and toe figures people are running on Cortinas, Escorts and so on that don't experience this little feature.
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