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  1. stupidly still wont let me post. been here 4 days and have 10 posts. and it wont let me. great. all i wanna know is a colour of a different pic
  2. i must admit, the front aint awesome. but nonetheless it was rare, it was a mk1 and i loved it
  3. hey all. ive been here a while, but havnt yet intro'd myself. i dont actually own a ford, but im interested in them. i actually drive a mini. i would post a pic, but i cant!! also trying to find out a colour, but restrictions dont let me yet... many regards anyways. Jono.
  4. i actually have a picture i want to post, but i cant due to the annoying restrictions.
  5. Ah cheers all for the replies! glad to know what it finally is anyway. I'll try and find the reg out!
  6. Hello all. right just so you know, i'm 15. When i was a lot younger, we had a rare Mk1 Cortina. we had it a long time until i was around the age of 8... Then my dad sold it because it was simply stood and not doing anything. From what i beleive, some ponse with a ginger beard bought it and sold it on not long later (i beleive my dad found the advert) being that it is rare, from what i understand it was one of two in the country. Its probably in someones shed out there right now, and i'm putting up this topic to ask if anybody on here knows the owner. I mean, i know you can contact the DVLA and all that, but i just fancied popping the question on here first. So basically, its got a pressed grille. I dont remember much of it, apart from the fact it was white when we had it, grey before my dad restored it, and it had a red/brown (i beleive red) interior. Havn't got the reg either, but being one of two it cant be hard to notice it being different. Sorry i'm so vague, but i was young and i don't remember much! Many regards, Jono.
  7. ah cheers mate for posting this! (im the one off tmf). i just registered for a looksie.. need to be here for 2 days and post some more though before i can reply with another pic.. thanks again mister Jono.
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