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  1. Thank you all for the very kind donation I wish all sites where like this Thanks once again
  2. Come on Gents even if its only £1. She wants to raise as much money as she can.
  3. Some of you may know that my 15 year daughter Daisy was diagnosed with a very rare form of cancer earlier this year. Her twin sister Grace is a very keen footballer and is trying to raise money for the cancer awareness in children fund. Please help her raise as much as she can please see the link belowRegardsAndyhttps://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/daisycornefund
  4. Valor Auto Alarm System Brand V6A. new in the box Keep your classic stay but with the old skool look £50 Andy 07401373747
  5. C20XE RWD ALLOY sump Brand new £ 155 C20xe COMPLETE engine £250 c20xe engine £250 3 point harnesses with plates and eyes (black) x2 (new) £50 boot / bonnet catches (new) £20 ( ones that are used on the fibre glass items) new kill switch £7 rs rear drums x 4 £10 each rs backing plates £15 brown ash tray surround £15 2 piece prop £50 cam cover 1.6 £15 switches x 10 £10 each bonnet hinges £15 mk2 front top mount £5 spring stops x 2 £10 rs standard front springs £40 rs front lowering springs 60mm £40 rs steel wheel black centers x2 £30 per set rs clock pod £15 rs steel wheel 5.5j x1 £35 master space heater £150 four door front door card mint £40 breathable oil filler caps £10 x50 £350 the lot Cheers Andy 07401373747 Based in Barry South Wales. Photos on request
  6. Does any body know where this car is
  7. Gents, I am after some injectors for my 51 plate Mondeo TDC1 130 R00301Z What you got Give me a call 07401373747 Regards Andy
  8. Does any one know where it is please
  9. The 3 piece will not fit with out chopping the servo, most people fit a bias box so dont have this problem. I have never had any problems with PL at all. They are always happy to help. The bloke you spoke to would of been Peter himself as there are only two people who work there. You must of caught him on a bad day. How long ago did you buy the maanifold (you didnt say)
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