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  1. lol cheers lads ill have to see what i can get together for the winter to do this conversion, just upgrading the brakes and sus the now, feels like you need to throw an ancor out the window!!!!
  2. dun this is a capri mk3, if youve got the money mate get yerself the manuel cossie box from the ex police cars, caprisport do them with pollybuses and shortshifter kits brand new felt amazing through the gears insted of the type 9 or some simmiler bobbys manuel gearboxes!! also twin electic fan a bigger rad with a thermostat plumped in, ALOT BETTER COOLING!!, and straight through the exhaust its sounds awsome and you get flames prob not much help but its the best i can offer lol oh yeah, if you get running issues make sure theres no crap on the timing sensor from the chains and make sure theres no water in the fuel mmm wonder who managed that????
  3. alrite guys n gals, im drew from selkirk i drive a 2.0 pinto capri that i recently bought n ovuisly a bmw aswell by the name but the fords taking a hold of me now!! lol recently finshed a cosworth v6 convertion in a mk3 capri with my mate but unfortunaly he sold it due to lack of funds for his buisness so i decided a engine conversion for the winter, fancy doing something jap in it, im an engineer btw. Ever seen this done??? thinking of the CA18 DET 200sx engine 1.8 turbo. keep the 4 cylinder due to weight distrobution dont want to make the handling neworse lol cheers Drew
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