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  1. Do you mean one of these??? https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F263110171766
  2. Could you please PM me a price on one of these battery trays as well. 👍
  3. That's a very neat installation. I like that. What battery tray did you use to mount it there?
  4. So team. I am thinking of relocating my battery either to the boot or under the driver’s seat. Anyone done either of these? Any pictures would be greatly received for ideas (google does not have much). I have a Ralloy fuel tank in the boot so that is taking up a fair bit of space and the fuel pump on the right hand side where the old tank was. Thanks in advanced
  5. well it turns out the alternator is not really working very well. its outputting 13V now at any point in the rev range. also when i turn on the lights and the fuel pump its dropping down to 12.8V ? so i guess i need a new alternator for a start (any recommendations are always greatly received) and I'm thinking of moving the battery to under the drivers or passengers seat. has anyone ever done this before?
  6. very true, revving the engine makes very little difference to the alternators output so i would assume thats ok. i will double check it tomorrow as its always good to be sure. i am planning on playing about with the power draw on the batter with the engine off and the engine on to see how much current is drawn at any one time, that way i might have a better idea what is going on.
  7. Evening im having a bit of a stupid issue with my electrical system in the car. I seems to be destroying batteries on a regular basis. The alternator is charging well (13.8v at 1000rpm) but the batter just can't seem to keep everything going. When driving home last night I had to decide if I wanted headlights or the fuel pump (electric fuel pump), not a decision I really want to have to make at 22:30. Has anyone had an issue like this before. I have noted that it's very hot in my engine bay which I don't think helps situations. I have been thinking about mounting a bigger battery in the boot but I don't really want to if I don't have to. Any advice of info would be greatly received.
  8. thanks tackleberry. location is Ashford kent.
  9. Oops forgot to put that. 175/50/13 72V Yokohama A539
  10. These were fitted to my MK1 escort when I first purchased it, they are in good condition with good tread left on all the tyres. they are a very wide offset which is why they are no longer on my car. Size: 7 x 13 PCD: 4-108 Offset: ET -7 
 Fitment: FORD £400 ONO Collection only ashford kent
  11. the current and previous alternator were both lucus. thats probably part of my problem a i know they are both not that great. off the top of my head i cant remember if i am getting the warning light. i will check tonight. i know i was when i ran a cable from the alternator direct to the battery (warning light signal) all the time taht the car was not running but thats obviously because when you turn the car off with the key it brakes that circuit. if it is the regulator why would it have only lasted 20mins on the new one?
  12. thats really cool thanks bud. i dont understand why its doing what its doing. i had another play yesterday and i cant work it out. all the cables seem to have good connections. very strange.
  13. Bringing this topic back from the dead. I fitted a nice new alternator. All seemed well in the world of fun until the other day when I went to the car and it was completely dead. Checked the battery and it was super flat. 0.25V. Yep that's had it. Got a new one and started it up only to find the alternator is only giving out 12.5V. So alternator is also dead. Changed the alternator as well. All seemed fine to start with but its intermittent. Sometimes I have 13.5V then it randomly drops to 12.5V. Ahhhhhh. Anyone got any ideas. I'm not getting the warning light up on the dash so the signal is all good. The other two seem to loop resistance back to the battery connection (removed from the battery) with no problems. So I'm a little confused.
  14. If you are not up for having a go yourself these guys are good. http://www.bghgeartech.co.uk
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