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  1. Ah ok!! the red one IS slightly bigger but it fits.. different viscous unit on t as well! ill stick to the yellow one! cheers ;o)
  2. mayb i'm being stupid but I've got a yellow plus a red viscous fan in the garage.. is there a difference between em... one fan is curved on the end n the other one is less so..
  3. Hey Guys!! finally sorted it!! The Ignition timing was well out as well as burnt points! The spluttering was air in the fuel line so i've sorted that but its now running great!! Thanks for all your help - much apreciated! )
  4. Yep white sender The reason i asked about the fuel gauge is if the voltage regulator is playing up both gauges wil be affected so if the petrol gauge reads high as well that's likely the problem. when you say it ran fine for a while, have you checked the vacume hoses are light at both ends and the breather hose is in the flame trap under the carb? if they are loose/off the engine will run lean and hot and stutter at higher revs ? sometimes the hoses get brittle and stretched at the ends and stop being tight on the pipe they sit on The fuel gauge is fine but I'll check them vacume hozes tonite!
  5. Yeah I swapped the white sender for a yellow one which read slightly cooler, then tried a black one now i'm back to a white one again!( that sounds wrong LOL ) The cars a 2.0 pinto mk3 tina with the updated square dash which i'm told should have a white tipped sender mefinks?..
  6. well both hoses get bloody red hot and it looks like water is getting round the system but ill give it a go!! i've tried putting hoses both way round on the matrix.. at the moment it's filling up from the bottom and the hose from the water pump is at the top which is the right way in my haynes manual
  7. The thermostat opens and then the temp goes down then back up halfway between middle and red and stay there no matter what! had the fan on full and no difference!! i've run the car for about 50 miles on new plugs and one is slightly tanned and the rest look like new... I had the carb set up at the garage tho and it was running fine for about 30 miles and then just started stuttering at low revs then on the motorway in 4th over 50mph!
  8. no not recently! I'm gonna take it to the garage tomorrow and get it checked.. if it's not that then god knows! - maybe a cracked block?? thanks for your advice guys
  9. Thanks for that!! yeah sorry I had the head pressure tested and skimmed and I've put a new thermostat in and tested it. my mechanic friend looked at the waterpump and said it looked o.k but this is my first Pinto so i'll have another look at it tonite, I've got a new one in the boot so I might swap it over anyway!!
  10. hot 2.0 Pinto PUzzler!! after blowing a head gasket I had my tina's head skimmed and compression tested and lovingly put back together but the damn things still overheating!! The waterpump is fine, new radiator and heater matrix and all waterchannels seem o.k, I've even fitted a pacet fan and a new white temp sender but the temp just refuses to budge - it sits just under red on the temp gauge! i've used it twice since being put back together but its now started stuttering if it goes over 50mph!! any help would be great as i've been trying to sort this out for months now and had to miss the ford show on sunday
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