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  1. I'll ensure that the elitist AVO club make it very clear in the next edition which stand the cars were on. Obviously I'll ensure that this is done in the elitist manner possible
  2. The RS Owners Club seem to have quite a problem with the date based on today's fb thread! Unfortunately it's been deleted now, as it was getting quite interesting.
  3. I'm after a half decent late mk1 escort shell if anyone has one for sale?
  4. This Sunday if anyone fancies popping along. Weather looking good
  5. Doesn't look like they'll be an OSF stand, but if anyone wants to attend you'll be more than welcome. It's one of three shows left this year that are forming part of the RS1800 40 year anniversary tour.
  6. I've posted this on the AVO forum to see if anyone knows the car. You might want to try the AVO Owners Retards Club page as well.
  7. Personally I think the success (or otherwise) of paid clubs, or indeed internet forums, is pretty reliant on the enthusiasm (or otherwise) of those people who give up their time to run them. The AVO club is fortunate to have an enthusiastic committee, and I think this is reflected in the healthy membership numbers. If we didn't organise anything, didn't invest in new spares lines, didn't spend flippin ages researching material for our magazine, and weren' prepared to spend hours on the phone helping people with information about prospective purchases or restoration projects, then obviously the members would say 'no thanks, I'll spend my £30 down the pub instead'. It's the same with OSF. If those in charge didn't invest all of the time that they do to make the site what it is, then there would be no advertisers, no contributors, and as these sites don't run themselves for free, eventually no OSF. There's been plenty of internet forums that have disappeared due to lack of interest, as well as paid clubs. It all comes down to effort and enthusiasm in my humble opinion.
  8. Just to add a bit of balance to the thread: Firstly, there have been issues of late with regards to membership, which is the unfortunate result sometimes of unpaid volunteers having to put work and life commitments first, but which has now been addressed. Apologies to anyone affected by this. For anyone thinking of joining, the membership fee does cover a bit more than access to a ‘forum that nobody uses’., i.e. - A 52 page quarterly colour magazine (which I spend a lot of time putting together). - Club spares and regalia, where we try to offer the best possible value for members. Some examples include: Petrol filler hose, £26 Ebay v £14 AVO club – saving £12 RS2000 clutch cable, £35 Ebay v £24 AVO club – saving £11 - A free valuation service, plus help and advice on the phone or by e-mail from the various registrars. - Free entrance to our annual national day held at Hatton, for members who bring their AVO cars (a saving of £5). - Events, which in the last few years have included the last ever trip to the now demolished AVO factory, where 50 AVO cars drove through the gates for the final time, an invitation to the Ford 100 years celebration and the chance to drive round the test track at Dunton, and a near 30 car turn out for a drive on the historic Brooklands race track. - And there’s also a forum, which our new chairman has recently spent a lot of time upgrading and improving, and which will soon be much easier to access by members. That’s what £30 covers if you decide to join the AVO club, and not just access to a forum. As stated in the previous posts though, you can get some great advice and help on this site as well, and I’ve attended some excellent OSF events myself over the years and always found everyone to be very friendly.
  9. Lovely car that mate! Cheers Does anyone know which edition that feature was in?
  10. glad I read this post as the green rs2000 is mine! Didn't realise it was in there, so I'll be after a copy as well
  11. that was the problem with mine - I changed it and no more smell of petrol
  12. Hello everybody, hopefully this is in the right section as it's a shameless plug I'm afraid.... After I got made redundant earlier in the year, my brother and I finally got our backsides into gear and set about finishing the childrens book that we started a few years back. I was lucky enough to get another job which slowed the project down a bit, but today our book finally got published. My brother, who has had a few things published on the BBC, wrote the story and I did the illustrations. So, if your looking for a good Christmas present for the kids, can I point you in the directon of The Wonderful Adventure of Uncle Wizard. The book is aimed at children up to 10 years of age. More details here : www.unclewizard.co.uk Thanks for looking, All the best, Stew
  13. my wheels were done at spit and polish and were great, but I have heard mixed reivews about them. Leepsons are meant to be quite good I believe (never used them myself though)
  14. You can get them in Halfords. They sort of work, but be prepared for lots of swearing and bruised hands.
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