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  1. cheers for the welcome guys. all u local boys can feel free to pop by had laugh at my lack of progress!
  2. well im from east London but im in Orpington kent now, had to move away from London so I could have a bit of space for my cars!
  3. you would think so! im just easily confused
  4. hi all. popped on here a few times. im mainly a vw man but ive been on n off the missus mk1 escort forever. it was a rusty old beast but after many years and far too many repair panels its getting there. we would of scrapped it because it was so bad but it was her first car 15 years ago so its one of the family. bodyworks not an issue for me but I will be asking plenty of questions about engine and other issues so please bear with me. ill get some pics up soon btw it was a 1.1 I bought from a vicar and im currently fitting a 2ltr n 5 speed in it, it will run gennie m1 rs2000 rims and she
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