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  1. cheers chaps, suspension will come from GAZ, - gold range, will stick with the pinto for now and run that for a while, our main piority is to get the car safe i.e chassis/brakes/cage/suspension sorted first.. once that is all sorted we will then focus on power plants thanks josh
  2. couple bits on order double width kit solid rack mounts poly bushes anti tramp kit Pair of Grp4 'In-situ' adjustable TCAs also some 2" rear lowering blocks coming from burtons as she stands now picking up some rs2000 single leafs, rear ARB and twin cam front ARB then order up the suspension/cage once suspension/safety is sorted.. we can get cracking on bodywork, full respray, xpack :thumb: j
  3. well after me and my dad selling the bimmers... bye M3 bye E30 2 simply awesome machines ! howdy mk2 Australian import, RS2000 spec shell (strenegthend) totally solid, no rust, no rot, running a 2.0 pinto, flat front is going, already got black quarter bumpers on.. we have big plans :whistle: perfect we arnt mad..honest lol J
  4. lovely... who built the cage for you? or did you do it yourself? nice one
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