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  1. Decent turn out at Earlswood lakes - Sunday 26th Sept 21
  2. As per title, local meet on Sunday. Probably the last one with decent weather Earlswood Lakes woodhatch road, Reigate, Surrey, RH2 7QH Hoping to get the Mex there for 9am
  3. Missed this the first time round, so a belated welcome to OSF Cars look great, and love the work on the Escort. I tried 15" wheels on mine for a bit, lasted about 2 weeks then went back to 13's, just didnt sit right, and mine is already low so couldnt go down lower Were those 13's Starmags?
  4. OUCH, no that's a pass too I'm afraid
  5. Yep, grew up in Pollards Hill in Mitcham surrounded by old Fords, I think it was written into every council house tenancy agreement that you had to have an old Ford, lowered, a bit rusty and preferably on twin carbs and done on a budget! Extra bonuses if you sprayed it with cans outside your house and changed engines in the road 🤣
  6. Ummm no. Not much else to say on that really 🤣
  7. Yep, seen here in various shades. Some even had cloth seats to wipe your hands on
  8. I used to love trawling through the breakers, 9 times out of 10 there would me a MK2 there, I had mostly MK2's back in the day and remember climbing 3 or 4 cars high to remove boot lids and bits and bobs, top car swaying a bit in the wind 🤣 Atkinsons in Wimbledon South London was a regular haunt as was Bridges down the M23 Oil everywhere, bag full of spanners and screwdrivers and always somewhere to take a piss, normally in something French 😉
  9. Great pics and some nice cars there. Love your Escort!! Reminds me of my old 1600 sport on Forest Arches
  10. Just hope they don't command the bonkers RS Tax increase like we we do - "Genuine RS2000/Mexico/Twin Cam/RS1600 wheel nut for £250!!"
  11. Last time I had to paint strip a bonnet I think I used Nitromors, but that was years ago. Gave up as it didn't cut the mustard, and ended up sand blasting it.........carefully!
  12. Yep, a peach of a Renault Alpine GTA, clean as a whistle and the V6 turbo sounded sweet The Mini is an acquired taste......🤣
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