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  1. Like that.... a lot. chuck a engine upgrade in there and it'd be sweet
  2. Think thats the one, found it on ShiteBook and nicked the pics, does look a bit cheeky 👍
  3. For me, period mods and tweaks to make it more user friendly and a bit more poke of course Saying that, I'm the one with a pimp paint job so I cant talk 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Make it your own and dont worry to much about the AVO brigade telling you that you don't have the right wheel nuts
  4. The real question is Scott...... to find that image were you secretly searching the web for 'cheap dirty Escorts'? That image looks like it could ruin you more financially than back alley Sally and her £20 mouth baths!
  5. Agree with all of the above. Should the worst happen what would you have to pay to buy something similar? IF you can find one, and if it has the similar spec and condition. I think as others have said 100% £30k+ all day long.
  6. Another nice little find at another local breakfast meet. Torque Moto Cafe, 10b Graylands Estate, Langhurst Wood road, Horsham RH12 4QD 20211017_103128.mp4
  7. Just seen this meet on Sunday. Torque Moto Cafe, 10b Graylands Estate, Langhurst Wood road, Horsham Rh12 4qd Hoping to pop along, not sure if any of you are local and fancy it. Looks like there will be a few old Fords, but not sure what else. https://www.torquemotocafe.co.uk/
  8. Cheers I'm not knocking more modern (retro) Fords, I've had them, only a few years back sold our ST220 pre facelift in performance blue, it pulled like a train after the re-map and new exhaust...... but..... I'd never dream of showing it at a Classic Ford show, I'd feel a bit silly 🤣. It'd be like when you were underage and sneaking into a nightclub and being asked for ID 😁
  9. Don't know mate, if it is just for road use and not to be used in anger, I'm sure others can chip in with experience or thoughts.
  10. Ah cool, the AP stuff was good, I cant remember which model I had as it was years ago, but it was fine for the odd launch down the strip at Santa Pod, but in traffic it became hard work Good luck with the research
  11. That's what mine was, that slither of metal on the tunnel and the whole seat tilted forward. These also just pivot forward on the same mounts, but with no way to utilise the tunnel hook bit. Seem solid enough the other day though
  12. Not sure on the part numbers, but have you had one before? I had one in the Mex years ago and found mine was very heavy compared to a standard clutch
  13. Agreed For me, one of the best moments when I did mine, was seeing all that graft and hours of panel gap straightening be worth it when I first visited the body shop after it had been painted. Once your eyes set upon that fresh paint you feel like you are on the home straight. Keep it up mate
  14. Yep RP & Xp197777, part of a Clubman pack back in the day. Always fancied a pair. As nice as the original low back vinyl seats are, they are bouncy and offer no support on an enthusiastic corner I just need to order these geezers Hair now 🤣
  15. Yeah I was surprised how comfy they were, still kept the original Mex low backs in the loft though.
  16. Not from memory I had the original 2000E box, and always quite fancied a 5 speed, but I didn't want to Chop up the gear stick hole and modify the tunnel, then heard of this conversion that is popular with MG owners for a type 9. This was an option to use a type 9, modify the box to fit the original hole/tunnel in case I wanted to put it back to standard Also opted to the longer 1st gear from Burton and a heavy duty front bearing Gotta confess, gearboxes are a type of witchcraft dark art that escapes me so someone else built it. 😂😂
  17. Pretty much bang on there Mated to a custom prop onto the standard rear axle
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