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  1. This car if fitted with a ford pinto 2L engine with a 4 speed transmission. I have fitted a new battery last week and in the last 12 months i have also fitted a new radiator and cap, distributor cap, rotor arm, points, HT leads, and plugs. I have had the front axle completely rebuild fitting new wheel bearings, track rods, Brake pads and discs, ball joints, -1' springs, polybushed the whole front end and i have fitted new adjustable gaz shocks. I also fitted a new tyre on the front to pass the MOT. The MOT was passed last week and it had 3 advisorys, one was for the rear tyres being close to legal limit, another was for the corrosion on the rear valance, and the 3rd was corrosion a rubber brake line. The car doesn't have any tax on it and i wont be able to put any on it as it is currently uninsured. The interior of the car is very original. The original owner had a caravan and fitted some switches on the center console which you can see in one of the pictures. This was done really nicely and has an extra fan on the radiator that can be turned on when towing. The radio is the original with only am and lm stations. The seats are in good condition for its age but the drivers is showing alittle more wear but this is to expected for a 30 year old car. The exterior of this car has got surface rust on the bottom of doors etc, i have taken a picture of the worst area. This car was stored in a barn by a previous owner and has got a few bumps and scratches to show for it. I wont lie but this car will benefit alot from a respray! The only real rust as such is the rear valance which will need to be replace some day but it will keep passing an MOT as it is behind the bumper and they will only fail corrosion if it is structural or will hurt anyone. Everything works on this car as it should and i do have a box of spairs which include polybush kit for the rear end, rear adjustable gaz shocks, original front springs, haynes manual and i also have a 5 speed transmission and crossmember ready to convert it over. I have a honest reason for selling as i am moving to the states in two weeks and i cant keep paying storage. I have listed the car on ebay aswell so there is a link to the page below with picture. The car is located at Doveridge, Derbyshire. 1600 ono http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1979-FORD-COR ... 4d0a163efe
  2. I put her on ebay the other day http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1979-FORD-COR ... 4d0a163efe
  3. Ive got a mk 4 cortina estate, 2L for 1600 pound
  4. Ive got a mk 4 cortina estate, 2L for 1600 pound
  5. I have been in the USA for the last 9 months and the tina has been parked up in the garage. I come to it and put a new battary on it and it hasn't any life in the dash, won't turn over and the lights/indicators arn't working. I have checked the battary, fueses and the wires from the battart to the earth.i have also checked the earths butr still can not find the problem. I fix tractors by trade so i know electrics but i can not figure it out. Just woundered if anyone had any ideas? Cheers
  6. Say you get 23 mpg; 500 miles / 23 mpg = 21.73 gallons 21.73 gallons = 98.8 litres 98.8 litres x £1.27 = £125.47 So for 500 miles its £125.47
  7. When we were racing F1 stock cars we tested a few makes and Gaz are the best. Spax just couldn't take the pressure very well.
  8. I am selling a atles axle that has come off a 1.6 mk3 capri, i chap has messaged me saying that; "atlas axle was not ever fitted to a 1.6 i bet thats a koln that only looks like an atlas" is this true?
  9. http://www.caprisport.com/
  10. I am half way through putting a Jaguar XJR engine in mine, its a 4L, straight 6, supercharge kicks out about 365hp standard, with a manual box and mustang back end it should be a beast!?!
  11. Any hydraulic place should be able to help you out, i made some power steering pipes up at work and we fix tractors!!
  12. I got my normal capri to a usable stage so i set about my radical project, i have been saving a special shell i acquired, Adding a straight 6, 4L supercharge engine and box from an Jaguar XJR The shell needs quite a bit of work but it is all possable, just woundered if anyone has ever done anything like this before. Would be good to hear your thoughts as i have never done a project of this kind, just standard restoration.
  13. I can not fault the cages from this site, i had a full 6 point cage for my 2L and fits in nice and smooth, good finnish, just can not fault it. It was a bolt in but i think he will leave a bit more tube if you want so you can weld it in. I am thinking abaout geting a complete all singing all dancing, weld in, 6 point cage for my project car. Thats a point if 4parajon in looking can you price me a 6 point weld in with door x members and rear x members. Cheers
  14. Looking at getting a mk 2 tranny van to run around it, but never touched one to be honest. Just woundering what to look out for. Don't want to buy a shed on wheels. cheers fellas
  15. Your dads make is right, the turbo bearings floot on engine oil which is feed from a pipe from the block.
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