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  1. I'm really happy with the car Rich, it drives lovely thanks to all the work you have put into it - it's a credit to you. I'll keep you updated when it goes for paint etc but for now I'm just going to enjoy driving it around.
  2. Could you PM me your number please rich and I'll give you a buzz tomorrow eve if thats ok? Cheers Daz
  3. I'll take them please mate, I'm in Leeds and can collect anytime
  4. Do you still have the engine - manifold - carbs? If so do you have any pics please?
  5. Mike do you still have the interior carpet and the RS dash pod mate?
  6. I had a similar experience with them, I purchased a pair of contour seats but they never arrived, I was told after about 5 weeks that they were sent out to the wrong person?? Luckily I paid through paypal so I got my money back.
  7. Yes sorry mate they've gone now, cheers.
  8. No mate sorry but Lewis had them on standard mk2 escort runners though, you can usualy pick a set up for about £20 on Ebay and they will bolt straight on to the seat frames. I have unpacked one of the seats to get some more pics, as said above Lewis bought these seats from classic trim and to be totally honest I have to say the quality of the workmanship on the trimming isn't fantastic, the frames are great, quality of the vinyl itself & the stitching etc is fine but some of the seams look a bit wavy & a little un-professional in places. That said I am being a bit fussy & I think there still a bargain for £450 and they are totally usable & as brand new condition and very comfy. If nobody buys them in the next week or two I think I'll just let a trimmer have a fiddle with them to make them 100% and keep them myself for the cortina. Pics...
  9. I thought you already had contours in the Mex?
  10. I bought these contour seats from Lewis but I have decided they're not what I'm wanting so they're back on sale, I would like £450 back for them which is the price I paid. Can be posted for about £20-25 ish or I can bring them to the Classic ford show with me if that helps? Thanks Darren
  11. I'm interested in the smiths gauges, would you take £50 for them? I presume their for a 12v system not 6v? Does the oil gauge come with the pipe and how the hell does the fuel consumption one work? Cheers Daz
  12. Lovely motor and very cheap in my opinion, i just paid a lot more than that for mine with no engine or interior in it! Should sell in a breath!!
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