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  1. I’m struggling with this technology
  2. Hello people ... I was too late in ordering stand passes as i didn't think I'd get my engine built in time but I'm almost done so if anyone has 3 spare stand passes could you let me or vista know please ... There's one mk1 escort and 2 mk2's .... We're driving up saturday and camping cheers everyone !!
  3. Would you be able to squeeze another escort in Mate si wants to come in his mk2 camping aswell ill pay for both of us when i see you or ill pop down what ever's best for you !!
  4. Yeah mate can you put us down for camping aswell !! Is there any others from hear campin or is it just me ?? Cheers Scott
  5. Hello mate can you put me down aswell please .... How do I go about paying you ?? Cheers steve
  6. yeah people im going to try and go to this one ........... if im not to hungover !!!!!! see you all soon then
  7. maybe hes got cold feet !! anyway im still going and a few people i know with escorts and a capri . . . . . . what time is everyone meeting then ??
  8. kyle stop beeing a let down and get over there !!!!! slack slack slack
  9. well people i should have an engine back in my car by then so pencil my name down and ill try and be there what times it all going to happen ?? cheers steve
  10. umm well yeah its changed from green to blue with a set of arches and a pinto in !! i'd put some pictures up but im not to good on computers you know what its like !! you going on sunday ??
  11. boys ive just finally got my car on the road ill be up for coming if i get out of bed early enough !! just need to balance my carbs and do a few other little bits soo ill see you lot sunday if all goes to plan ..... steve
  12. Right ive got a bubble arched mk 1 its almost ready for paint but im still not sure what color to do it. I like blue (like electric blue and olmpic blue)but there is already two blue mk1's goin around but also i like orange so can you boys post up some pics of your escorts arched or un arched in any of the colours thanks for your help ill post up some pics soon well when i work out how to do it thanks again steve x x x x x
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