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  1. Hi Im looking for the lower section of the dash its like a shelf that gos from one side to the other.
  2. looking good but you need a bigger turbo did you figure out the breather?
  3. Yours is looking abit further on than mine at the moment, cant help but think i should have started work on it abit sooner.
  4. still looks the tits, not many tyres for the 9's either. whens it going to be running?
  5. 9's on the back of mine no body mods not sure if mk1 and 2's have the same room at the back i know the tubs are the same. will be back up in hull sometime in the next couple of weeks will have to come give this a look.
  6. ok was just trying to see if it was a general electrical problem or a running issue/cosworth specific problem, sounds like you just need a normal auto electrician if its a power issue.
  7. I did one with two relays a 5 pin and a 4 pin, switched the 4 pin with the light switch this fed the pin 30 on the 5 pin relay dipped connected to the normally closed pin main/flash to the n/o pin, use the flash switch to switch on the 5 pin swap between the two. Hope the makes sense.
  8. http://www.oldskoolford.co.uk/ipb/index.php?/topic/84497-4-spoke-revolutions/ these are still available
  9. I wouldn't risk a decent engine with Chinese turbos half a compressor wheel going through your engine will end in tears, ok if your turbo'ing some old shitter to see how it pans out.
  10. Ok So I have a 1300 x flow to sell comes as pictured engine came with the anglia I'm currently doing was told it has a Kent cam in it and was a good runner, other than that I don't know any more. I have no idea what it's worth so open to offers or advice How to price it. Located in Lowestoft Suffolk.
  11. one here on ebay, http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-9-inch-rear-axle-/401242329005?hash=item5d6be80fad:g:sZAAAOSwnHZYUEPl
  12. 3j are crap Linden with the 450hp mk2 escort has destroyed his several times, gripper seams to be the best option for big power and squires shafts. Your going to be looking at least 2k for a built atlas i would of thought you could get a 9'' for the same money.
  13. 500 hp is about as much as you would want to go on an atlas after that it's the CWP that's going to be the problem, 700 hp is definitely 9" territory.
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