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  1. nice to see another pre facelift mk2 still doin the daily grind.. im lucky here where I live.. theres a few !! even a 4x4 one
  2. each to their own mate !!! and welcome to the forum , im new meself but found it a friendly welcoming place so far !
  3. awsome stuff... ill keep checking out the forum and ill get there eventually
  4. wow cheers guys n girls.. you sure know how to make someone feel welcome !!! cant wait till i done enough posts to shock you with my tatty old love bus lol (10 posts to put a ic isnt it?)
  5. cheers fella. I know she aint a car but shes my daily drive !!! and deffo an old ford
  6. right im new here, first post so be nice and dont bite.. Fred transit told me about this site as I drive an old ford motorhome so here I am !! I tried posting an image of the van but i havent had enough posts yet but bear with me I shall endeavour to sort it !! I drive a mark 2 Ford transit (metal front not later one with plastic bits) with a ampervan international conversion (CI) on the back, its pretty seriously old school still powered by its York diesel engine. . (oh also got a mk2 sceptre but it aint a ford) I work in the midlands as a metal fabricator and am also interes
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