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  1. I was considering tidying it up, dropping a 2 litre Pinto under the bonnet with a 5 speed box, lowering it slightly, with a set of dished alloys, and maybe even removing the side windows (or heavy tinting) and turning it into a van I don't want to go over the top with it, but i want to make it a little more useable, but not an everyday car, i have a Mk3 Estate for that as well as a Vauxhall Frontera.
  2. I recently joined up here after buying a Mk2 Escort Estate (in my sig). Its a 1980 V plate in quite tidy condition for its age. My problem is i don't know what to do with it. It is a left hand drive 1.3L. I have a few plans in mind, but my main question is, with it being LHD, do i convert it to RHD and what do i need to do to convert it? It would be a shame to convert it, the reason it is LHD is for the 1st 6yrs of its life it spent on an RAF base in Germany, before being imported to the UK in 1986 via Marshalls Garage at Bawtry, nr Doncaster. It was the bought and owned for 23 yrs by the
  3. welcome from another newbie Mk2 Estate owner. You cant put pics on till you've made 10 posts and been on a week, so do like i did if you can and make the sig a pic of the car
  4. Thanks again guys. A little history on my car until i can start a proper thread with pics in the relevant section. The car is a 1980 Ford Escort Mk2 1.3 Estate. It started its life in Germany as an RAF car, hence the steering wheel being on the wrong side. It spent 6 years in Germany, and covered approx 7000kms. In 1986 it was imported into the UK as 1 of 6, to Marshalls Garage, Bawtry, Doncaster, where it was UK registered, (and still has their numberplates and tax disc holder). It was then bought by the previous owner, who owned it up until Monday, when i bought it. I have all the ol
  5. Thanks for the welcome chaps, as soon as i'm able to post some pics of my Mk2 i will do.
  6. Hi peeps, i'm a new member here, having just bought a Mk2 Escort Estate. I've only just got into the Ford scene, as i bought a 1984 Escort Estate as a daily driver, then got the chance of my Mk2 at a bargain price. Will post some pics of my Escort soon.
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