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  1. inthis2getha

    Water pump sorted....now heater has stopped!

    All speeds, nothing at all! I’m just trying to find my little multimeter (recently moved house!!!!) so I can do the tests you said. Thanks a lot, Ant
  2. inthis2getha

    Water pump sorted....now heater has stopped!

    Hey Rich, Thanks for the reply, pretty sure the matrix is ok mate, all pipes are hot once engines running, top and bottom of matrix pipes are hot, the heater itself is dead, before as soon as you turn the ignition on the heater fan would hum, as it’s always on in the car....but now nothing! Cheers, Ant
  3. Hey guys, I posted my problems with a water pump swap the other day, thanks again for the help there, thats sorted but noticed my heater has stopped working, it was working fine before the swap, Ive checked fuses are ok, I did have a bit of coolant spray out the top hose on the heater matrix when bleeding but I had a plastic bag over the loom there, any advice would be much appreciated. Car is 1972 Mk3 Cortina originally 1600 XL now 2L pinto Thanks, Ant
  4. inthis2getha

    New water pump noisy!!!

    Was advised to use a long screwdriver as a stethoscope, worked a treat, could tell right away it wasn’t the water pump....thankfully. So that just left the alternator fan, I definitely didn’t knock it and it wasn’t catching when turning the engine by hand, but I did notice one blade was slightly off to the rest...gave it a little bend and hey presto 😃 metal noise gone 👍 don’t know why it wasn’t making that noise with the old belts on but hey who can make sense of these things! I did check the bolts on the pulley 1st to make sure they wasn’t fouling as the casing is slightly different on the new pump! Thanks a lot for taking the time to give me advice, I really appreciate it, Thanks, Ant
  5. Hey guys, I need some help here, I finally got the time to change the water pump on my 1972 mk3 Cortina, had a small leak, pretty sure it was just the gasket but brought a nice shiney new pump from Burton Power with gasket, also new thermostat and new alternator belts, fit it all yesterday evening, left it overnight, refilled coolant this evening and started it up to bleed and check for leaks etc. I now have a noise that almost sounds like the impeller is just catching inside! Can’t think of anything else that would be making the noise! If anyone has any similar experience with water pumps or can give me any advice it would be very much appreciated. Engine is a 2 litre pinto out of a 1989 mk3 Granada none power steering, viscous fan removed. Cheers, Ant 65E33A43-CB57-4201-B714-1CD37668204D.MOV
  6. inthis2getha

    Cobra Super Slots....Advice needed...PLEASE!!

    Hey lee they are the same chrome wheels as mine, do you know what offset they are mate? And does anyone know what the correct offset for mk3 tina's is? It does say the offset on the front of my super slots but its a little hard to make out, I took a couple of pics but it won't let me post em on here!!! As far as I can make out..looks like - 5 1/4 x 13 x 31" OFFSET I've also been trying to post up pics with the super slots & the chrome wheels before & after new shocks, springs & fully polybushed for the last couple of hours aswell but it wouldn't let me!!!!! proberbly me tho!!!
  7. Hey guys, Sorry I haven't introduced myself properly on the new members page yet.....I will do real soon...& sum pics....but really need sum advice asap...so.....if anyone can help.... ...I have a 1972 mk3 Cortina which was running unknown 13" chrome wheels with 185/70/13 Goodyear tyres, but as the tyres worn out I managed to get my hands on a mint set of Cobra Super Slots with almost new 205/60/13 tyres, on putting these on they was rubbing the arches, mainly front, but the car was set pretty high with the softest suspension i've ever seen, so I got a set of Gaz shocks & springs, set them to hardest setting & also fully polybushed, this has stiffened it up but also lowered it abit and the tyres are now rubbing all round!!! Does anyone know if I change the tyres to 185's if this will sort it? Any info would be much appreciated, thanks alot people