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  1. The Maltese equivalent of your Ford show, though on a much smaller scale. Photos here: http://www.classicfordmalta.com/apps/photos/album?albumid=15869326 And also on Retards Club here: https://www.Retards Club.com/media/set/?set=oa.669051099865439&type=1
  2. Haha true that, I wish I was into landrovers instead of these weird old fords
  3. Got my hands on a set of shocks identical to the ones I have bar for the fact that they are 2" shorter. Next I'll have to shorten the struts to suit these, put the bump stops in and in theory job done finally. This will have to wait a little while since I'm currently reading through my thesis, but at least I can put my mind at rest that I'll be able to enjoy the car this summer!
  4. door closing better already almost back to normal
  5. So quick update: Door seals are in place. A bit harder to close the doors but on a positive note they are no longer leaking when it rains. I assume over time they will settle in place as that's what these seals do. Bolts got here as well but I'm yet to install them.
  6. Being located in malta this is not really feasible. Having said this there are a number of very capable engineering shops with experience in building hillclimb cars. So if I manage to find the correct short insert, I can get the strut casing shortened locally.
  7. My current setup doesn't have a hole at the bottom of the strut, could someone tell me if bilstein inserts fit just by adding the hole? I have no experience with these kind of inserts
  8. Ok so tried these out but when fully compressed there is no travel. So I'll have to bite the bullet and go for shorter struts
  9. would that appear here? http://www.retrobolts.co.uk/department/special-order
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