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  1. bob wiggins

    ODD ford wheels

    What size is the cortina steel please
  2. bob wiggins

    MK 1 dash switches

    Ok thank you , one thing after another with this wiring , been two years waiting for this , wiring mans coming on the 30th oct to wire up the new loom,
  3. bob wiggins

    MK 1 dash switches

    Early switches are quite a bit wider
  4. bob wiggins

    MK 1 dash switches

    Don’t know , I was told by the man that’s wiring my car because it’s a 68 escort with the wide bigger switches that they are wired positive earth , BUT , if I can find the three switches I can take the back part off of the late switches and connect to the front of my switches then I won’t have gaps either side of the switch in the dash
  5. bob wiggins

    MK 1 dash switches

    Need LATE mk1 escort headlight heater and wiper switches please , I’ve put a later loom in and my early switches are wired for positive earth . Thanks
  6. bob wiggins

    Rs2000 wiring loom

    Thankyou so much , much more confident now , I’ll let you know how I’m getting on 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
  7. bob wiggins

    Rs2000 wiring loom

    I should have taken notice 😂😂😂 not too many people out there though that do make them, and either a shortage of auto electricians or they are fully booked for months ☹️☹️
  8. bob wiggins

    Rs2000 wiring loom

    I did this but they don’t have or send out diagrams , silly not too really and well worth another £50
  9. bob wiggins

    Rs2000 wiring loom

    The pictures would be a great help please , my early loom had a different connection to the fuse box , it didn’t have the plugs although now I have bought the correct fuse box for this new loom ,thanks for your help 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
  10. bob wiggins

    Rs2000 wiring loom

    None about that’s why I got this , I bought a complete loom and got to say it does look very good quality , I had read reviews before I bought from them and although there were a few negatives there were lots of happy customers , car would have been finished but this wiring has held me up two years it’s last chance for the car now
  11. bob wiggins

    Rs2000 wiring loom

    Or could anyone understand my new loom and be able to label the wires ??
  12. bob wiggins

    Rs2000 wiring loom

    No not yet , being a 1968 car it’s caused me nothing but headache , so , fitted a pinto , sent my original loom of to be modified from dynamo and positive earth to alternator and negative earth. ,fitted it and had no ignition lights , as it’s a brand new built engine I wanted it to start first time and not mess about so took the whole loom out as I really didn’t trust it after the ignition lights didn’t light , ordered a mk1 rs2000 loom from autosparks and had to wait ten weeks for it to be made , now had it a week and can’t find a coloured or sensible diagram that I can understamd anywhere , the bit that’s throwing me it the fuse box bit , mine is a twin cam early fuse box and I’m going to have to use a later fuse box which I can hopefully hide behind the bulk head but my new loom has about ten wires that are loose instead of being in the blocks that fit into the back of the fuse box , or , if there’s any wiring experts in Surrey that fancy a job ???
  13. bob wiggins

    Rs2000 wiring loom

    Just had an rs 2000 mk1 loom made by autosparks , but it’s not labelled or tagged , it looks very good quality but where it’s supposed to plug into the back of the fuse box it isnt in two blocks just loads of wires instead , does anyone have a colour wiring diagram that I can buy from them and try to make some sense of it , thanks.
  14. Need an early dash and engine loom please or an electrician to come and repair mine , I sent my engine loom off to be modified from positive earth and dynamo to pinto and alternator , paid the money then a year later put it in , couldn’t get a battery light of oil light , anyway got cheesed off with it and waiting for people to turn up to look at it but didn’t bother showing up , so I buy an easy wiring loom from USA looked good so cut all the warning light wires and holders off my original dash loom , anyway I have now decided I want my original loom as it’s a lovely 1968 car , can anybody repair my loom please £££????? I’m desperate , thanks for looking i can post clocks dash and engine loom to anyone anyone willing to help , thankyou not as bad as it seems for someone who knows what they are doing with wiring !! Sadly I don’t
  15. Need an early escort dash loom or complete loom , thankyou