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  1. It's all getting scrapped Friday if nobody saves it
  2. Hinges and washer bottle sold Type 9 gear stick sold
  3. Got a few parts left over from a clear out and im hoping someone will be able to make use of them before they get weighed in. 2 piece prop shaft from a mk 2 escort estate the rubber in the joint looks in good nick £5 Type 9 bellhousing wants a clean up but perfectly useable £5 2.0 zetec flywheel £5 Mk 2 escort handbrake works ok £5 Crossflow dipstick and tube £5 Pair of near side door hinges for 105e £5 Windscreen washer bottle for 105e £5 Type 9 gear stick no knob £5 1x 4 speed gear stick in need of clean up £5 Original 100E speedo £5 Pictures shou
  4. Btcc boys were using Tesco petrol a couple of years back if it's good enough for them then it's good enough for me.
  5. It appears there has been an e petition started to try and stop the proposed eu bs on modified vehicles, it needs as many signatures as possible so please sign it and email it to firends/link it on Retards Club, twitter etc to give it as much exposure as possible we really do need everyone who is in to modified cars/bikes/vans/trucks to club together on this. http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/37784 Also note that your vote does not register until you click the link in the email you recieve from the petition website.
  6. Morning boys and girls, I have a couple of escort arb's and i'm not sure which one is which, i know that there are 3 different size's (thickness) but which ones are which? Thanks in advance
  7. Found these gasser 300e's on R'n'S Hope the images show up sorted pics for you Trevmk3
  8. Luckily you didnt look up as it started to fall! Could been alot worse!
  9. MAD MAX! I can do that!
  10. 97CI


    why? because you can. i think it works well and has been done very well.
  11. Thanks for updating this Neil, good to know fellow petrol heads are looking out for each other
  12. Hi all Just a quick note to advise Sarah Jane has had her 1951 Ford Pick up truck stolen. This is a highly distinctive truck, airbrushed, front clip, modified dash, and plenty more mods too numerous to mention. Full details and photos are here: http://www.rodsnsods.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?t=12799 Please contact Sarah Jane direct, or contact me and I will pass on any info. Please keep an eye open for any spares that may become available too. This is a thread on the rods and sods forum of which i'm a member, i understand it's not an Escort cortina or capri etc but
  13. Big thanks to Jonnystannard, i bought a megajolt off him and have to say what a great guy to deal with, did exactley what he said he would and packaged it really well, Cheers mate
  14. Hi i am in the process of buying some bits from Lotusless and was wondering if anybody from the birmingham/westmids area going to wheelsday could pick up the bits for me? will reward the courier! Apologies if this is in the wrong section?
  15. I heard it was for sale but dont know how true it is? if it did get sold where has it gone? i was lucky enough to have a ride round donnington park in the car a couple of years ago and yeah the car is the dog's the round ones and bloody quick to boot!!!
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